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The healthcare thought leaders in India would converge at the Smart Tech Health Conference in Bangalore on the 24th and 25th of November. In the run up to the conference, we decided to ask a few of the leaders speaking at their conference, their views on Healthcare in India, and how Digital and Technology was playing in big role in improving standards of care.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has been on the forefront of care in India. Established in 1954, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital still sets standards both in its adoption of technology as well as embracing digital transformation. In our second interview from the series we talk to Niranjan K Ramakrishnan , CIO Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Healthcare India : What are the key Digital Initiatives taken by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital? 

Niranjan K Ramakrishnan: We are one of the pioneers of adopting IT in the Country. We are one among very few hospitals automated for more than a decade with a considerable budget way back in 2002. On top of enterprise HIS, we were very proactive in digitizing the hospital by cloud based eProcurement portal, most unique DIGITAL (SMART) OPD solution and smart Data Center. SmartSGRH is our digital innovation framework which has series of smart digitization solutions that would enable us to deliver Smart Healthcare without adding cost to the patient.


Healthcare India : How do you think private hospitals can partner with the government to improve healthcare in tier 2 and tier 3 towns?

Niranjan K Ramakrishnan :Private and Public partnership is most talked about subject but proportionately little executed. Lot of private hospitals whose bed occupancy rates are less than 50%. Those facilities with reasonable subsidized costs can be used by Government. To an extent this is done in the areas of Comprehensive Health Insurance Schemes across many states for selected population (BPL) / Government employees). Private Hospitals can use the facilities and premises of Government Healthcare Organizations on “Managed Services Model of engagement” for better quality.

Healthcare India : What are some of the key learning for Sir Ganga Ram Hospital from the recent outbreaks of Dengue and Chikungunya in Delhi?

Niranjan K Ramakrishnan : Sir Ganga Ram Hospital was one of the first few hospitals to openly share the breakout of Chikungunya. Organism evolution and change in population spectrum in metro cities such as Delhi could be the key reason for increased intensely noxious of different viruses. The panic of severity of such situations along with co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes and asthma aggravates the illness. We prepared our organization much better this time by creating special dengue wards, allotting special task force and keeping an exclusive team in the emergency (Causality) etc to support the city population to our best within the limited resources.

Healthcare India : Please name your biggest challenge today as CIO and how do you plan to mitigate it?

Niranjan K Ramakrishnan : These have been some of my challenges as the CIO

• Too much expectations from IT & CIO: IT is just an enabler and CIO is a catalyst for adopting the innovation with the right value of the investment. While working on a long term digitizing framework, CIO should always continue to bring in small changes periodically to manage the expectations.
• While adopting the innovation, CIO should have a bigger picture and put together Hospital Digitization Framework and ensure that each and every activities are part of the framework.
• Establishing the tangible benefits and value of the investment is a key responsibility of any CIO.

Healthcare India : What are your expectations from the Smart Tech Healthcare Summit in Bangalore and what are you looking forward to most form the summit?

Niranjan K Ramakrishnan: There should be specific set of questions that could be published before the event and end of the event we should be able to find specific answers that could be shared with everyone.

For e.g
• We can pick specific questions from National Health Policy 2015 or any other such government policy level issues
• Enabling Patient to have access to their information etc

Thank you for your time with Healthcare India

So some very interesting things that Sir Ganga Ram Hopsital is working on to leverage technology and drive improved care outcomes in India. We are really excited about the Smart Tech Healthcare Summit in Bangalore and we are looking forward to interacting with all healthcare leaders, innovators and decision makers. Looking forward to meeting you all there. If you want to meet us at the conference, do drop in a note to 

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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