Healthcare in India lags in Digital adoption in the front office

India has some amazing digital transformation stories. If we look at the leading banks in India, their adoption of digital is comparable to the best in the world. Similar situation with Indian media and telecom companies. But it comes to healthcare we still do have catching up to do. Full Service Digital Firm,  D Yellow Elephant recently released a report on the digital presence for the healthcare sector across mediums like websites, social media and mobile apps. They found that only 14 % of the 160 firms assessed were what they call as Digital Primes. 54% of the organizations were labelled  as Digital Aspirants while the remaining 32% were labelled as Digital Onlookers.

Not surprisingly most of the Digital Primes were in the more mature pharmaceutical sector, followed by devices, hospitals and diagnostics. Interestingly only 2 hospitals and 1 diagnostic organization made it to the Digital prime List.

The Digital Primes had 4 key parameters

  1. Presence across various digital channels- Web, Applications, Mobile and Social Media
  2. Good and relevant content- Specially on areas like Patient Information and Rehabilitation
  3. Investments in listening platforms across digital spectrum- Helped them form intervention strategies when key health topics were being discussed
  4. High engagement – Across the board with SLA’s for response times

The report is an interesting insight into digital adoption but is more a refection of the marketing maturity of these  organizations combined with the ability of the IT organization to support them.

True Digital Indexing would requirement assessment of their

  1. Internal clinical processes and operations
  2. Employee engagement through digital
  3. Adoption of analytics and AI in Clinical Decision Support System  / Clinical Research and Development
  4. Robotics in surgery
  5. New clinical models

These areas were not assessed by the report, and we are not sure if such a report has been attempted in the past.

To download your copy of the report, click this link here . Its a good read for those who want to know more on the digital adoption specially in areas like Digital Marketing and Social Media in Healthcare.


Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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