Healthcare and democracy: Can healthcare become an election issue in India

Blockchain Report
Blockchain has the potential to transform healthcare in India. Read more in this point of view.

Dental Management Survey Report 2018
Healthcare India is proud to announce the launch of the Second Dental Management Report 2018. In this report we see a clear evolution of the use of technology and management practices by dentists across India. Do download the report to learn more.

Dental Management Survey Report 2016
Healthcare India launched the first Dental Management Survey in 2016. The first of its kind report focused on the growth and use of digital technology, specially social media. The report clearly shows a growing interest among dentists to use social media to engage with patients and other dentists to grow their practice. Download the report now.

Social media – Thegame changer for dental practitioners in India

Ayushman Bharat has the provisions for setting up more than lakh wellness centers to enhance the preventive health posture of the nation.