Healthcare India is involved in research in various areas in healthcare, some of the key areas of research include.

  1. Primary and Preventive Care
  2. Public Health and Government Policies
  3. Emerging technologies in Healthcare
  4. Patient Experience
  5. Clinical Operational Efficiency

Below is some select research 

Digital Twins: How it impacts healthcare

Healthcare is embracing new technologies and one of those concepts is digital twins. The paper looks at the impact that Digital Twins as a concept can have on healthcare and how can organisations get started on this journey.

Personal Data Protection Bill and Patient Privacy

The paper looks at key considerations that a hospital should have to look at while drafting policies and protocols to comply with the draft data privacy bill

Recommendations for National Strategy for Blockchain

This document looks at the key recommendations for National Strategy for Blockchain from a healthcare perspective. 

IET Future Tech Panel response to consultation paper on healthcare professionals registry (HPR)

The recommendations in this document are a response to the call issued by Ministry of Health Family Welfare for their consultation paper on Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) published on June 22, 2021. This document lays out the opinions of the Healthcare Working Group of the IET Future Tech Panel.

Turbocharging R & D for Healthcare in India

Research and Development is the key to the growth of the healthcare industry in India. While India has made a lot of progress on key parameters like life expectancy and under 5 mortality, the future growth would require investments in research. This paper with FICCI looks at key changes that are require to turbocharge the R & D process in India, by creating the right ecosystem for collaboration and development. 

IET Future Tech Panel response to consultation paper on health facility registry (HFR)

The recommendations in this document are a response to the call issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for their consultation paper on Health Facility Registry (HFR) published on June 22, 2021. This document lays out the opinions of the Healthcare Working Group of the IET Future Tech Panel.

Telemedicine and the transformation of care

The Telemedicine guidelines passed on the 25th of March 2020 has really come at the right time. Though the provisions of telemedicine have been debated since last 15 years, the covid19 pandemic has shown us that it is important to create provisions for platforms to provide telemedicine to improve access to care.

This paper looks at the key transformation that is required to ensure that care providers and receivers are in a position to leverage the benefits of telemedicine. 

Role of Wellness Centers in improving care outcomes under Ayushman Bharat

The Ayushman Bharat Program is the largest healthcare insurance program in the world. It covers almost 50 Crore plus citizens in India and helps them avail cash less procedures to up to INR 5 Lakh annually.

While this program is off to a roaring success there are still opportunities to do more in the preventive healthcare space through the wellness centres. Read more in this point of view.

Can Healthcare become a Political Issue?

The healthcare spend in India remains very low, despite the many advances in the country. As a percentage of the GDP it remains the lowest and this is compounded by very low budget allocations from the Government as well. 

While looking at these might be lag indicators, this paper look at lead indicators like the attention and importance given to healthcare policies of the election manifestoes of various political parties. This analysis was done on the 2014 election manifestos of major national political parties in India. 

Patient Experience in India

Today patients and patient parties demand better experiences from their care providers. Improvement in customer experience in industries like hospitality and retail is raising expectations and this is directly impacting the revenue of many hospitals in India. 

In this point of view, we look at key drivers for patient experience in India. 

The Race for the Covid19 Vaccine

The Covid 19 Pandemic has really changed the way we look at healthcare. While on one side there is greater emphasis on public health and standards, while on the other hand, there has been greater collaboration on areas like scientific research.

One of the upsides to the pandemic has been the speed at which the vaccines have been developed, read more in this point of view.

How Blockchain can Transform Healthcare

Blockchain has been a very positive transformation globally. While the technology shows immense promise in industries like banking and supply chain, there are ramifications for the healthcare industry as well. 

With features like immutability, encryption and distributed ledger, Blockchain looks like a technology that would transform healthcare.  Read more in this point of view.

Dental Management Survey Report 2018

Healthcare India is proud to announce the launch of the Second Dental Management Report 2018. 

In this report we see a clear evolution of the use of technology and management practices by dentists across India. 

Do download the report to learn more.

Dental Management Survey Report 2016

Healthcare India launched the first Dental Management Survey in 2016. The first of its kind report focused on the growth and use of digital technology, especially social media. The report clearly shows a growing interest among dentists to use social media to engage with patients and other dentists to grow their practice. Download the report now.