Digital enables increase access to Healthcare

Healthcare in India today is a great opportunity for both policy makers and healthcare leaders to create a new care model, and to increase access to care for billions of Indians. But there has to be significant change in the mind set of the patients and those seeking care.

Many in our country don’t go to see a doctor until they are in a bad situation.  Till then they just postpone. Reasons could be paucity of wealth, ignorance, insufficient useful information and lack of accessibility. One of the emerging startups in this space is Your Health-Key provide access to care at the click of a button.

Currently the venture provides access to only dentists and orthopedics. Your Health-Key provides free dental checkup and discounted dental treatment (discount of 20 % on Doctor’s fee for the first time). They also provide free orthopedic consultation.


One can book online or by sending a message. Your Health-key also provides short and informative healthcare blog posts to raise awareness and to let people know about the health problems and its solutions. There is a need to bring all important healthcare videos at one place therefore there is also a “Video” section where you one find you-tube healthcare videos.

The venture is have presence on facebook, twitter and instagram to spread awareness and encourage people to join hands with us so that we can address their healthcare concerns.


The Future 


Your Health-Key have a pan-India approach so they are working on to include more doctors and also to include more services which will not only help people but also make their lives easier. Presently they don’t have any revenue model

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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  1. Safeclinic

    Safe Clinic MRMS is the 1st and only FREE to Use Cloud Based Medical Records and Accounts Management System. Here you can remotely Add, edit, store, bill , set reminders, send e-mails and SMS your patients and access all this Data anytime, from anywhere.

    You can remotely Add, edit, store, bill, set reminders, send e-mails and SMS your patients and access all this Data anytime, from anywhere. You can have a deeper insight of your practice , its statistical data and much more.

    1. admin

      Do you have any doctors that we can speak to, in order to arrive a more neutral view on how this product works,


    While I would like to believe it is true, I think Healthcare is a lot more complex and stands at this cusp of wanting to get commoditized and ecosystem push back. There is also pressure. At http://www.surgeryxchange we had a case where the patient was all keen to use the platform as it brought in a cost reduction of 3.3 lakhs, provided for better proximity at a tier 1 hospital with a experienced doc. But for this kid of case the brand of the doctor mattered more as the influencing the patient were thinking different. The patient paid 6+ L for 3+ L procedure as the perception of who the clinician mattered most.

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