Own Your Health

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of my book Own Your Health.

Many of us tend to make a lot of assumptions about our health based on our diet, genetics and our medical history, but sometimes forget that simple issues like a Vitamin deficiency can cause a major concern.

How many of us monitor our health regularly? What parameters do we check for? How much do we understand the effect that our actions can have on our bodies?

I am a qualified doctor who practiced for six years before pursuing an MBA to work with healthcare systems globally.

Despite all the information I had and access to experts that I possessed, I still struggled with a lot of my health parameters. I often estimated my health parameters based on my memory, or on my assumptions, rather than monitoring parameters regularly by collecting data and developing a system of accurate and systematic reporting.

My experiences in doing this prompted me to share some best practices with you. This book is my effort to help you to monitor your health and detect issues that can become serious concerns.

The incidents that I describe in the later pages, have affected me, my friends and family. I share some examples of how you can manage these incidents (should you experience them) with a combination of doctors, technology applications on your smart phone and a little help from the internet.

This book is not a substitute for a doctor, not does it undermine the medical community.

The objective, my dear friends, is to avoid unnecessary medication and to avoid unnecessary hospitalization, and to ensure that your physical and mental wellbeing is in your hands, so doctors can heal those who really need their help with serious ailments.

Can I realistically care for my health? The answer is yes, in fact in my experience, you are the only one who can Own Your Health.

No one knows you better than you yourself. No matter how hard somebody else tries, they may never be able to get to the depth of your understanding of your senses, your values, your customs, your personality, what your soul wants, and what your body wants to tell you.

For the same reason, you can’t take charge of someone’s health.

Of course, should your body encounter something different, you must seek medical help to understand the issue and watch out for symptoms in the future.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to read the book. I know you have a lot of choices, to spend your time and money, which are very valuable. By investing in this book, I hope you are able to appreciate the wonderful system that the human body is and get closer to yours.

Own Your Health.

Dr Vikram Venkateswaran