What Indian Healthcare system needs is empathy

Often physicians and doctors are seen as top professional who do what they do and make you better. But does the healthcare system needs more empathy ? I am often go back to the memories of the last days of my grandfather. He was 85 plus and struggling with his kidneys. He was finally admitted to the AIIMS in Delhi.

He struggled through his last days at the semi-private ward at the hospital. I found the doctors professional but curt. The nurses were outright rude and sometimes even cynical. As he breathed his last I often wondered if we could have saved him ? Taken him to a better private hospital ? Maybe the staff would have more empathy with a 21 year old new dentist who was bedside with a dying grandfather ? His battle was over soon and he left for his heavenly abode, but mine just began after the experience and continues till date.

Whenever I visit a hospital, I try to see if the staff, physicians, doctors and others are empathetic or not. If they are not then I try to avoid them. I would recommend that you check out this video from Cleveland Clinic on empathy. Loved the treatment and the messaging. All you have to do is to get into the shoes of the patient or patient party and you will behave different with them.


Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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