3 easy ways of getting started with Yoga

Recently I wrote a blog post about the health benefits of doing Yoga. I asked Archana – who has been doing yoga (on and off) for close to 15 years now – for her views on how one can start with Yoga. Her views are listed below.

  1. Read up on Yoga – Being Indians most of us are aware of Yoga, having seen or heard of some family friend or relative practising it. Now, thanks to the Govt propagating the World Yoga Day, there is even greater awareness. To understand what Yoga can do for you, i suggest you start by reading on the Internet. If you would like to seek specific guidance relating to an ailment, then its best to reach out to a yoga teacher and ask for a customized routine.
  2. Set realsitic expectations – While doing research on Yoga one comes across several schools of thought. Pick a branch of Yoga whose philosophy you are comfortable with. For example, I dont look at Yoga as a tool to lose weight or cure myself of an ailment. To me, Yoga is for improving flexibility and feeling good. I dont seek perfection (such as getting a posture right or holding the breath for exactly 60 seconds etc). My expectations therefore are set accordingly. Yoga may not be a substitute for a high intensity workout that may help you lose 3 Kgs a month. But if you are looking for better health (mental and physical) over a 12-24 month period or longer, Yoga can help.
  3. Don’t wait for for a good day or time to start – Unlike other forms of exercise that may require lots of energy, and therefore get restricted to either early mornings or late evenings, Yoga can be done pretty much any time of the day, as long as you give at least an hour’s gap post eating food. Further, you dont need a specific outfit or props to get started with Yoga.
 Yoga can be done by people of any age group or socio-economic strata. It costs nothing (if you dont engage a teacher) and can be done in less than 20 sqft of space in your living room. Lastly, if you have tried Yoga and dont like it, you will have nothing to lose.

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

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