Dealing with depression in the digital world

A few days ago a young man committed suicide in India. The reason was a internet game called the “Blue Whale Challenge” that sends the players a set of 50 tasks as the end of which they are asked to commit suicide.

A very obnoxious way to structure a game, nut what struck me was that most of the players were young, loners and odd. They did not have social circles and very quiet. In other words they were displaying some form of sub-clinical or even clinical depression. It is not uncommon to read newspaper reports of students committing suicide during the exams. But while one can understand the affect, no one has really put light on the cause. Indians today are suffering from mental illness like never before.

According to WHO almost 90 million citizens in India suffer from either depression or anxiety disorders. That makes it almost 7.5% of the population. There is still a belief that conditions like depression and anxiety disorders are mostly western in origin. But that is not true. Ayurvedic doctors like Charaka have written in details on the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses and have also given the cure.

In most cases anxiety attacks can be managed with some common sense. Easiest way is to breathe deeply and might provide feelings that are better in no time. Sometimes just walking out of situations or walking out of the door is the key step ti manage the anxiety attack. One out of 3 people has experienced a feeling of loneliness and depression, and a few of them can’t even say what’s which makes them feel this way.


The other key factor in the management of mental illnesses is that we need to increase social interactions. There are many ways to chase melancholy and the loneliness away, What matters is removing impulses making them feel low or sad. Feeling lonely could be as simple as not having anyone about them to socialize with on a daily basis. One feel lonely and still can be about people, and so to not feel this way, attempt to learn why.

Depression can happen to anyone, and causes it to be varied from one individual to another. Being lonely might lead to becoming depressed, but they don’t always go hand at hand. Feeling anxious and despondent occurs whenever we can’t deal with things in life at that moment, and we feel that there’s no hope to getting past that. They could begin to find ways to create they feel, when someone has identified a number of reasons why he or she are feeling the way they do. Among the ways people can manage the situation is by taking medication under consult with a physician or Psychiatrist to determine if it’s right, prior to taking any medication.

Using remedies may be an acceptable replacement to using medication. Going to a health shop can offer many excellent choices for currently taking a natural approach to your depressed mind-set. The individuals who work there may be extremely helpful in finding the legal remedies which will work best. Another excellent way of getting rid of the blues is to create an appointment with a few mental wellness specialist in your area. Occasionally talking things out with someone completely distanced from one’s life, can give a chance to work out some of what’s bothering an individual.

So to conclude, it is unwise to deal with depression alone. Always consult a physician or doctor if you feel symptoms of depression. Social Interactions help us manage the condition better. Always avoid stress, look for pleasant interactions to avoid the anxiety attacks. Health is a state of physical and mental well being. Live long and prosper.

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Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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  1. Rama Venugopal

    Very beautiful post and wonderful tips…. Everyone is affected by some sort of mental health issue , in this fast paced world…..we don’t recognise this issue or refuse to accept it…..we need more education , right from school level on stress management, as kids are the highly stressful lot…

    More articles, public health forums need to be created to sensitise this issue…

    Artivle very well written and makes it a fresh good morning read ….thanks to the author who has given very fine tips…

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