5 common dental treatments in India

Smile, as the world has plenty of reasons for it. However, a poor dental condition can stop you from sharing bright lovely smiles.Exchanging short smiles to hide that yellowish tinge on your teeth is simply not worth it. There are plenty of dental procedures that can gift you with impressive natural smiles. You just need to choose the best remedial procedure based on your requirements.


Below mentioned are the 5 most popular dental treatments available in India:


Root Canal Treatment:

This is a dental procedure to save your natural tooth that has been severely infected and therefore decayed.Dental pulps are connective tissues present at the center of the tooth containing nerves and lymph tissues. An injury or deep cavity impairs the dental pulp and causes severe tooth ache. However, before you just get it extracted, talk to your dentists if Root canal treatment is possible.With root canal treatment, you can retain your natural tooth as treatment can ensure a painless condition for a life time in majority of the cases.

Root canal treatment aims at removing infected pulp, followed by cleaning of the area and then sealing the tooth with permanent filling. A dental crown is then implanted to protect the root canal tooth.


Dental Implants:

Any person who undergoes an extraction or perhaps has lost a tooth due to injury or illness, is not destined to live with a missing tooth for entire life. Dental implants are effective replacement for absent  tooth.It is a simple surgical procedure where artificial dental implants commonly made up of titanium are placed inside jaw bone where the tooth is absent. Eventually, dental implants are processed to hold crowns that look exactly similar to natural tooth.It needs to be noted that dental implant do not loosen as dentures. And therefore, are one of the most popular treatment procedures for related issues.


Dental Braces or Orthodontics

Dental Braces are a needed solution for people who are born with misaligned bites, crooked teeth, jaw disorders etc. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean and therefore may lead to various oral problems. Thus, to avoid such hassles, opting for braces is a good option. You can find information about dental braces treatment in india across various websites.Dental braces are usually implemented at a younger age. However, today, oral corrections using braces is also available for adults


Dental Filling or Restorations

This is one of the most common and simple dental treatments in Indiato treat a decayed tooth. However, this treatment is opted only when the cavity has not reached the central part of the tooth, i.e; pulp. This procedure involves, removing decayed part of the tooth and then cleaning the area to make it free from any bacterial infestation. The area is then filled with filling material such as porcelain, amalgam or sometimes gold. A good dental filling sustains for several years if proper oral hygiene is followed. In case a filling tooth is not taken proper care of, severe cavity may develop that may require root canal or extraction.


Dental Cleaning or Scaling 

A procedure that aims at removing stains, tartar and plaque accumulated on your teeth; thus, providing sparkling white teeth. Regular brushing and flossing may not prove sufficient to ensure crystal clean teeth and fresh breadth. Therefore, dental hygienists suggest teeth cleaning after every 8 – 12 months. Tartar build up may lead to severe gum diseases and periodontal issues. Therefore, periodic visits to your dentist for routine teeth cleaning is vital to keep these diseases away.Dental cleaning is sometimes followed by bleaching for people who look for real white teeth. However, this is very much optional and carried out as a cosmetic procedure and not an oral health requirement.


Finally, maintaining oral hygiene and good diet is sufficient to keep your teeth healthy and free from cavity. However, if in any case you do have  dental problems, visiting your dentist periodically is still recommended. An early visit and proper treatment can save your teeth.

Image Source: Dr Mayur Davda, http://www.thedentaleducation.com

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