3 health benefits of drinking water

Finally the monsoons are here and a big respite from the Indian summer. The good thing about summer is that we do drink a lot of water to beat the heat and remain hydrated but as the rains come in and the heat goes down, so does our thirst for water. On an average we are advised to drink around 2 liters of water daily. This may go up in case of increased temperature or exercise.

But during the monsoons, we hardly feel thirsty and often end up dehydrating the body. Drinking adequate water is important and these are the three key benefits

1) Muscle fatigue and tiredness- Do you often feel tired, specially in the evening while coming back from work or after driving to and back from work ? The main culprit could be the lack of water. We start first start feeling the effects of muscle fatigue by losing as little as 2 % of our water. Those who workout and visit gyms would lose as much as 6-7% water mostly through sweat. Once we lose the water , we see symptoms of increased fatigue, muscle cramps, altered body temperature control and tiredness.

Re-hydrating regularly specially post lunch and during commute really helps negate these issues. Just a point to remember that our body is almost 60 % water and in our muscles the content is as high as 80 %. Water also works to prevent oxidative stress that happens during high intensity workout

2) Mood Swings- Often when I am back from work my daughter would insist that we go out cycling. Not only I would be tired but somehow I would be irritable as well. Now this I realized was a result of  water loss again. Now losing 1-3 % water would result in decreased brain function and irritability.

Solution again is to keep hydrated

3) Headaches- A study done in the US suggested that water consumption can reduce the intensity and duration of the headaches. Again there are many causes of headaches and there is no study done to suggest that lack of water is the cause of the headaches, but definitely re-hydrating yourself it seems can reduce the intensity and the duration.










So as we can see water can prevent some of the situations , and sometimes during the rains we take it for granted and don’t drink enough water.

I want to leave the readers with 3 simple tips to ensure you have enough water

  • Keep a designated bottle or bottles that holds 2 liters of water, this way you know that this is the daily quota to be consumed
  • Keep reminders on your phone, tablet or computer to drink water, these should be spread throughout the day and at regular intervals
  • Carry the water with you while commute and in the office, this will ensure that you stick to the quota and benefit from consuming the right amount of the water

Do let me know your experiences with water management and if you have any stories on how you used water to improve your health. As always comments and suggestions are welcome either on the blog or on the Facebook page.


Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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