Touch Surgery: How an App is Changing Surgical Practices

It isn’t uncommon nowadays to hear of doctors consulting over Skype or even guiding surgeries long distance thanks to the internet. Touch Surgery, therefore, seems to be a very natural extension of the digital knowledge sharing phenomena across the world. Specially designed by surgeons for surgeons, this app is available for both, iOS and Android platforms. Created with the intention to share best practices in the world of surgery, Touch Surgery is the largest and fastest growing community of surgeons learning and rehearsing operations with over a quarter of a million users. It has a worldwide reach with users in all of the 206 countries and territories with the United Nations. What’s more, it’s available for download for free. Currently, the app hosts more than 50 virtual surgical simulations that have been put together with the help of expert surgeons at leading international medical institutions.

Given the constant advancements in the medical profession, it becomes necessary to stay abreast of the newest methods and practices in treatment. A facility such as Touch Surgery manages to incorporate the best of technology and domain knowledge connecting doctors around the world to help serve patients better. It’s also worthy to note here that among the many countries where the app is currently available, only a few possess the funding, skills and facilities to carry out certain surgeries. Often patients are required to travel overseas for treatment adding to their medical expense as well. In such a scenario, a digital knowledge sharing platform such as this can go a long way in bringing the knowledge that might otherwise stay limited only among the technically advanced nations, to those who are in equal need of it.

“The integration of various collaboration functionalities will allow surgeons from all corners of the globe to collect, discuss, compare, and develop surgical standards, and we hope will ultimately translate into increasing the quality of care and accessibility of training worldwide,” says Touch Surgery CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Jean Nehme, MBBS. Not only can such an app facilitate dissemination of surgical best practices and novel procedures but also raise the standards of surgical care and improve patient outcomes. Besides coming in handy for doctors, the app can also prove to be a great learning tool for students as well. And all of this powered by simple mobile technology.

Do you think the app ought to be promoted on a wider scale among doctors in India and also make it available on smart phones and tablets of medical students?

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Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

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