Healthcare India site is back online !

We are back. We want to take this opportunity to apologize to our readers as the site went down abruptly a few days ago. We were a victim of a cyber attack and as one of the directories on one of the sister sites was affected, the whole site went down. We kept it offline as we continued to conduct advanced diagnosis and eliminate any potential root cause.

Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Devices firms and Research Firms across the globe are being targeted by hackers as Healthcare records fetch a handsome price on the dark web. As we emerge from this crises, we have decided to take some precautions including bringing on board a Bangalore based monitoring firm to take proactive action against future attacks.

The next war will be in the cyberspace and not on the battlefield and We already see some implications of this coming on.

In the last few weeks, I spoke at many conferences. I spoke at the EFY Conference in Whitefield on the topic Blockchain in Healthcare, a very interesting experience where my session provided insights to mostly the non-healthcare crowd on the implications of Blockchain in the healthcare space.

I also had the opportunity to speak at the Smart Tech Healthcare Conference and at the Unicom Analytics and Sentiment Analysis conference. Lots of conversations and some interesting exchange of ideas. More on all that in the subsequent posts.

For now, we are back and its good to be back!

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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