Philips Healthcare launches Innovative low cost diagnosis with Access CT at AOCR 2018

According to a recent report by Pharmaion, medical imaging equipment market in India is to cross US$ 1.6 billion by 2021. Majority of this growth is tipped to happen in developing nations such as India and China. Rising patient population, the launch of low-cost diagnostic imaging equipment, the rise in the number of hospitals and diagnostic centers, growing awareness regarding early diagnosis of diseases, and technological advancements are the main drivers for the cultivating medical imaging market in India.

Computed Topography (CT) is amongst one of the most established medical imaging technique and its market in India is witnessing rapid changes in its core technology such as an increase in the number of slices (cross-sectional tomographic images), automation, and smart analysis. This has resulted in improvement of image quality and significantly enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

Many well-known names in the medical imaging market are showcasing their latest products and technology at the ongoing AOCR 2018 (17th Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology) in Mumbai, India from Jan 25-28th. This premier radiology conference witness presence of prominent radiologists, clinicians, medical students and hospital groups who visit to learn more about the new products and technologies trending in the imaging diagnostic market.

Philips Healthcare, one of the leaders in medical imaging market, is reinventing itself as a complete health technology pioneer in India. At AOCR 2018, Philips is showcasing new product innovations in radiology imaging, women’s health imaging, maternal and infant care, monitoring and connected care focusing on the Indian market. On Day 1 of the event, Philips India unveiled Access CT, its newest computed tomography (CT) solution in India, to expand CT capabilities for cost-conscious healthcare organizations.  With growing healthcare needs, health providers in India are constantly challenged to effectively diagnose many patients in a short period of time. A value-focused CT solution such as the Philips Access CT offers low total cost of ownership and diagnostic confidence needed to drive clinical, financial and operational efficiencies.

“Access CT is a premier product in value-segment which delivers constant image quality across a wide range of clinical needs through idose4 technology,” says Mr, Nilesh D. Sonawane, Clinical Application Specialist, CT Scan, Philips India. He further remarks “70 kV scan mode in Access CT provides low dose scans (enables the reduction in dose by up to 20%) which has widespread applications for pediatric patients. Other players in the market normally provide 80kV and above. The product is also equipped with different table configurations (stable & movable), which helps in accommodating patients of different sizes without hampering the image quality”. Explaining the idose4 technology, he says “idose4 technology is at the center of Access CT which helps the radiologists to personalize the image quality based on patients’ needs at low dose. This revolutionary technology also reduces the need for tube replacement by reducing exposure time (mA) and extend tube life thereby bringing down the recurring costs significantly”.

While unveiling Access CT at the event, Rohit Sathe, President – Philips Health Systems, Indian Subcontinent says “I am sure that these solutions will effectively meet the expectations of the radiologists and imaging departments”.

Philips Access CT delivers several advantages to radiologists and hospitals to enhance CT imaging capabilities:

  1. iFlow intelligent console workflow platform-Enables consistent high image quality through features that simplify and automate the technologist’s routine, helping providers to maintain and increase their referral base.
  2. Reduce operating costs and exceptional image quality-idose4    improves image quality through artifact prevention and improves tube efficiency
  3. Maximum uptime and proactive monitoring 24/7-Ensures minimize downtime and maximize patient throughput through remote services

Philips India has installed this product in many hospitals and diagnostic centers across India, most prominent being Mahajan Imaging Center, New Delhi and IVY hospital, Panchkula. This cost-effective solution can expand care capabilities to treat more patients and hence is being widely embraced by radiologists and hospitals.

The Philips Health experts are on the ground at AOCR 2018 from 25th-28th Jan, Mumbai. So if you are in Mumbai it would be a good idea to hop over to AOCR to meet them and learn more about Access CT. In February we would be covering more use cases of this amazing diagnostic product.

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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