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The Digital opportunity for healthcare in India

India has a unique opportunity to create a healthcare model that serves the 1.3 citizens. This has to be an integration of primary, secondary, tertiary care with preventive health initiatives. Also this has to involve leveraging technology, in the form of digital transformation as well as gadgets like the smart phone that are prevalent across the nation. I look at two start ups that are active in this space, Lybrate and HealthifyMe.

Do let me know on your thoughts on this model.

Healthcare Delivery Healthcare Start ups Healthcare Technology

How Digital is reshaping healthcare in India

I’ve always been enthusiastic about the healthcare sector in India. I think we have come a long way and with digital adoption increasing,   I think is beneficial both for the care providers as well as the patients. The interest has led me to come in touch with various unique start ups, ideas, and technological breakthroughs over time.

Digital can not only create new care models but also can create better patient engagement and clinical efficiency. This is something that India needs with its population. India has some unique challenges, with almost 70 % of the population in the villages, India has 80 % of its healthcare infrastructure in the cities. Also city bred doctors don’t relocate while young professionals from villages who become doctors move to the cities for better opportunities. In this situation digital can provide a solution and leveraging technologies like analytics, cloud, social, mobile and the internet of things one can definitely leverage solutions like Tele-medicine, Remote ICU and big data to change the way care is delivered in the country.

In the age of smart phones, it becomes all the more important to be a part of this global digital push. And this means that people from the industry need to spend time together to share concepts and ideas and, lead the way for the digitization of the Indian healthcare sector.


Which is why, I’m enthusiastic about the upcoming Philips Digital Healthcare Conclave 2015, being held on the 25th September at Taj Vivanta in Bangalore. The will bring together more than 250 healthcare professionals, industry experts, start ups, investors and the media. The motive is to create a platform that sees people from the industry and startups exchanging their views and ideas on the road ahead. The highlights of the Conclave are the Conference and a Hackathon for young technology minds. Also there is an opportunity for start ups to demo their solutions and seek guidance and funding for improving care in India.  I’m delighted to share that I will be moderating two of the panel discussions at the conference one on Digital and the other on analytics and Big Data. I would also look forward to connecting with organizations like Healthifyme which I have covered in the past and build on my perspective on Big Data.

Powered by Philips Innovation Campus in Bangalore, this is an invite-only conference. So do go ahead and apply for a pass here

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Tweet Your Way to Good Health

The previous post on the blog was about an app that helps people keep a watch on their calorie and nutrition intake. A smart idea backed by solid research and a dedicated team of nutrition experts.

But what is truly interesting is the manner in which the team has now taken the idea to the next level turning it into an initiative of sorts. The #TweetToTrack campaign was launched on June 2, 2015 with an aim to make health and nutrition a way of life.

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Nutrition First: How an App Seeks to Make People Aware of Their Food Habits

How often do you check the cover of packaged food items for their nutritional value? Most people usually toss it in the shopping cart without thinking twice about what they are about to consume.

Given that Indian food is generally high on carbs and there is increasing preference for fatty junk foods, the nutritional value of a meal is not only diluted but the required daily nutrient intake too suffers leading to various lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and hypertension.

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Desi Brand Diabeto needs your support as it fights Diabetes

Almost 3 years ago I met two very bright, young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Bombay. They had started a venture called Farasbee which had produced a Diabetes management solution called Diabeto. Srikanth Pawar and Himanshu Jain swore to get into Diabetes management due to the lack of engagement system that affected their family members.  I covered them in this blog at that time. We had worked on a case study that was paunched at a premier B school in Bangalore and they had even presented to a healthcare team at IBM.