India’s healthcare system ranks 112th in the world


What is common to Indian healthcare and soccer?

Well they languish in the triple digits when it comes to rankings.


According to WHO rankings, Indian Healthcare system ranks 112th in the world, way behind countries like Colombia, Sri Lanka and Egypt.

The highest ranking Asian nation is Singapore at 6. Japan is a respectable 10th. Surprisingly the United States is 38th. Maybe that is indicative of the challenges in the healthcare system.


The system of ranking uses the following criteria

Criteria 1 with a weight-age  of 50 % is Health which is measured by the disability adjusted life expectancy.

For this 25 % is given to the overall number and 25 % to the distribution. The average Indian’s life expectancy is a 65.48 years. Way below China’s 73.49 years. Japanese have the highest life expectancy of 83 years and this number propels their health system rank to 10.

Colombians have an expectancy of 78, Sri Lankans of 75 and Egypt of 73. No wonder they are ahead of us in the health ranking system as well.

If you thought we did badly on criteria 1 wait till you hear criteria 2 which is Speed of service, privacy and quality of amenities. This has a weight-age of 25 % For this 12.5 % is given to the overall number and 12.5 % to the distribution.

The lesser said about this the better but I am sure on all three parameters India would lag the global average. if you look at quality of amenities, 80 % of the healthcare infrastructure (including doctors) in India is present in cities which house 30 % of the population. This itself will give you an idea where we are on quality of service.

The third criteria is the fair financial contribution with weightage of 25%. With almost 90 % of healthcare spend in India coming out of the patient’s pocket, this would also not be one of our strong points. The Government (State, central and defense ) just covers 4-5 % of the healthcare spend. The rest is covered by Insurance companies. Now this distribution has to change either we go for a universal healthcare model, which is facing challenges all across Europe or adopt the healthcare model of the United States which is driven by Insurance.

Do you have a perspective on what can be done to improve our situation? I would be eager to hear.


Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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  1. Shiju Mathai

    Nice to see reports like this,

    Hope Government will start investing on the medical services in India .India has lot of scope for improvement,just need the right people in right place.

    1. admin

      Hi Shiju

      I agree and hopefully the government will invest more in primary care in the rural areas..

  2. Nand Kumar

    This is eye opener information.
    Govt should learn from this types of findings.
    Can you please put status of Maharashtra.

    1. admin


      Let me check if I have the data on the state wise status of the Healthcare systems in India.

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