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Last month the Medical Council of India along with Niti Aayog had released the guidelines on telemedicine in India. The move which was almost 7 years plus incoming has created a new paradigm in the delivery of remote patient care.

While many technology solution providers have started offering this as a platform, the Telemedicine Society of India has started a program to register all platform providers for Telemedicine.

The best way to do so is to register in this google forms document. Link is provided here.

Bharat Gera, EX CIO St Johns Hospital Bangalore has been leading this study and evaluation. According to the study the main objective is

“Purpose of the study is to put together a repository of telemedicine solution providers and evaluate their suitability for healthcare providers in India aligned with TPG and NDHB”

The categories are

TELE-CONSULTATION-needed immediately to avoid patients visiting OPD during Covid19 and avoid exposure to infection amongst healthcare workers as well as between patients. These can be doctor-to-patient, doctor-to-caregiver, doctor-to-doctor, and doctor-to-paramedic etc.

HOSPITAL to minimize exposure of healthcare workers to Covid19 cases and optimize the usage of experienced staff.

as patients are unable to leave their homes, many chronic patients will require remote monitoring of their condition by a clinical team and as far as possible care at home.

NETWORKS services such as teleradiology, telecardiology, telepathology, telepsychiatry, etc. that enable remote diagnostics and therapeutic support and interventions like these will improve the capacity to handle load of patients and access to specialized clinicians.

Telemedicine is a key component of the India Healthcare story, it remains to be seen how this would grow and fill the big need for care especially in rural parts of the country.


Telemedicine Registry and Evaluation in India, April 2020 by Bharat Gera

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

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