Yoga Poses For Addiction Recovery

The human mind and body work best when you provide proper nutrients, activity, and positive energy. When deprived of these elements, it cannot function at its highest level. The mind and body become weaker. There are countless benefits to yoga which all can contribute to improved health and a journey to recovery.

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Health benefits of Sauna

Many years ago, the Finnish discovered that pouring water over heated rocks in a small enclosed room created a very hot, dry heat – the sauna. We all have heard  about the miracle of infrared or dry sauna in our life. But have you ever think that what is the connection  between your body and dry saunas?


The fact you should know that just sitting in the infrared sauna can burn 400-600 calories in just 30 minute session. If you are interested in find out more such interesting facts about infrared saunas and how it helps us to stay healthy and fit, then don’t forget to check out the below infographic from UK Saunas(more…)

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How herbal products are shaping a new consumer demographic in India

In my previous post I had written about the need to look at natural/herbal cosmetics. I feel the younger generation is going to insist on cosmetics and instead of denying them the item, it would be better to find safe alternatives and let them use it. We know that children go through a phase. My daughter had a “pink and purple” phase where she refused to wear clothes that weren’t in these colors. It lasted about 2 years – where we bought her new clothes only in these colors and negotiated a deal to wear other colors on 3 days of the week – before she finally gave it up this year with her younger sister’s entry into the world.


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