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Today, some of the apps that you download on your mobile turn your device into a more useful gadget, from being a handy interface for paying your bills, starting your car or functioning as your house alarm. It really makes your life easy and convenient. So, do not be surprised if you can also use your mobile to help you live a healthier life. Yes, check out below the best healthy lifestyle apps which are designed to make your life simple, easy and healthy. These apps will help you take care of yourself and can be one great source of inspiration and support.


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Garmin Fit 

This lifestyle app has modernized GPS driving systems that will help you keep your life healthy and active. Use it if you want to head out for a cycle, walk, or run. Turn on the Garmin Fir app on your mobile before you perform your daily fitness routines, it will tell you how many calories you have burned, what your speed is, the distance you have gone through, and how long you have been walking or running. This app is great for training runners since it allows them to see their progress by saving each training session. One great thing about this app is its tracker that you can activate so that your family and friends can track you while you cycle or run. This lifestyle app is compatible with iPhone or Android mobiles.

Lose it! 

Losing weight has never been so convenient with this calorie-counting app. It has a large database of foods and activities with which you can quickly record the foods you eat in your daily meals and snacks as well as add the fitness routines that helps you work with you calorie intake. Better yet, be honest in recording the activities you do and the foods you had throughout the day to help you track and improve your healthy habits.

Sleep Talk Recorder 

Yes, this is serious. Actually, this lifestyle app is indeed popular and very helpful to keep you from accidentally sharing all your secrets while getting some shut eye. Although the app does not record what is happening continuously, it alerts the app to start recording, detects the things that take place in your night time environment, and allows you to save some funny or noteworthy sleeping moments. How does it help you have a healthy lifestyle? It will help you realize if you suffer from any sleep disorder like apnea. If you discover some symptoms, use the recording when you consult your physician.

Meal Snap – Calorie Counting App 

Here is another calorie counting app that works in a very unique manner – taking a photo snap of your meal. Using the picture, send it to the server of the app and within few minutes you will receive an estimate of the meal’s calorie count. Well, that is an instant food tracking device you got there on your mobile, isn’t?


Symple – A symptom tracker app 

This is popular lifestyle app that is very handy to people with chronic diseases and to those without. It keeps track of signs and symptoms of illnesses to assist you and your doctors arrive at a diagnosis or revise a treatment plan quickly and more specifically. Likewise, this app can help you monitor your reactions on certain medicines for a month or more track the frequency of your exercise, record your medications and how often you take them. So, the next time you have an appointment with your doctor, it would be better to take your phone with you so that you and your doctor can go over your history. This way, both of you will be able to determine the cause of your condition and the treatments that you need to make you feel better. Moreover, having your EHIC application accomplished as soon as possible would help you achieve a free or reduced medical treatment cost so long as your health care provider is covered by the social security scheme of Switzerland and other EEA countries.

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    Indeed, mobile technology is set to change the healthcare landscape. By 2017, half of the world’s more than 3.4 billion smart phone users will have downloaded health-related apps. I have talked about few such apps on my blogs:

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