How a little negativity is good for your health: The power of Negative Ions

Have you ever wondered that when they show commercials of happy couples or happy families, they are usually shot in the wild, mostly near a water fall or in the jungle. My mind goes back to the Lyril advertisement of yesteryear’s. For those born in the 90’s, please look at this picture below. Most of us in the 70’s and 80′ s grew up with this image.

liril-258x300The popular belief was that it was the soap that was making the lady very happy. But last week I realized that the lady was happy because she was in a very rich negative ion zone that is being created by the waterfall. Welcome to the world of negative ions.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to exchange a few mails with Sam Badar, an entrepreneur and founder of Ionheal. He introduced me to the world of Ion balancing and how it affects our health.


Imagine this. We mostly live in the cities and polluted neighborhoods  These are sources of positive ions. As a matter of fact any Industrial area would be flooded with positive ions. On the other hand forests, Waterfalls and hot springs are areas of high concentration of negative ions.

According to Sam,  Negative ions work at restoring the core of your body’s well being that includes cleansing of the blood, activation of cells, enhancement of the immune system, and adjustment of the autonomic nervous system that benefits the user in many ways. However the most noticeable effects of negative ions are improved sleep, feeling focused and calm, better energy levels and reduced pain symptoms to name a few. And these are also the benefits of the product that Sam produces and it is a band called Ionheal. But one caveat I have to give the readers that I have never used Ionheal and so the rest of the post would explain the benefits from the secondary research perspective.

Now the Ionheal band can be used in various ways. One way is to use that band around drinking water. The water immediately tastes different. Ionized water has the multiple benefit of having Hydroxyl ions which are free radical scavengers. Ionized Water is very detoxifying, which is why people who are very toxic must start drinking Ionized Water very slowly so they do not detoxify too quickly. Ionized Water is sometimes called Re-Structured Water, Reduced Water or Micro Clustered Water because of its small molecular grouping, which allows it to easily enter and cleanse at a cellular level. As it hydrates body tissue, it pushes out all toxins that don’t belong in the body. Athletes for example can give up drinks like Gatorade just by ionizing their water bottles easily with the ionheal band.

So what are the medical benefits of negative ions-  The table below would give us some indication. This table was published in economic daily news. The table shows that  Positive and Negative Ions Affect Our Bodies, so clearly at the cellular as well as systemic level.


Negative IonsPositive Ions
Blood vesselsDilate blood vesselsConstrict blood vessels
Blood PressureStabilize BPIncrease BP
BloodIncrease blood alkalinityIncrease blood acidity
BonesStrengthen bonesWeaken bones
Urinary tractPromote urination;
increase nitrogen in urine
Suppress urination;
decrease nitrogen in urine
RespiratoryStabilize respiration and make breathing easierAccelerate respiration and make breathing more difficult.
Pulse rateDecrease pulse rateIncrease pulse rate
HeartEnhance heart functionImpair heart function
FatigueSpeed physical recoveryProlong physical recovery
Autonomic Nervous SystemCalm and relax nervesTense and strain the nervous system
GrowthPromote healthy growthSuppress and delay growth


In addition I found out that there are products called Air Ionizers that have the following benefits

1. Evidence shows that negative ionizers clean the air of dust, molds, bacteria, soot, pollen and household odors

2. Air ionizers have been reported to be helpful to people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which causes depression, by regulating hormone levels.

3. Air ionizers clean the air of pollen, therefore being helpful for those with hay-fever and other seasonal allergies.

4. Air ionizers have been reported to help relieve tension and help improve sleep. ( I can personally attest to negative ionizers helping one sleep better. As a matter of fact, I used to turn my negative ionizer off before tests in college so I would not oversleep)

5. Air ionizers help remove the airborne pollutants below, therefore those with asthma which is triggered by the below pollutants,

In a study done in Japan the levels of positive and negative ions were as follows


Negative and Positive Ion Levels Measured in Various Locations

Negative IonsPositive Ions
Industrial Areas50300
Shopping Arcades220280
Residential Areas200180
Kowakidani Hot Spring2,500820
Near Minoh Waterfall5,000300

(These measurements were taken in Japan)

In conclusion, there are clear benefits of negative ions. I am yet to use either an air ionizer or the Ionheal band, so I have not experienced the benefits of either. But through my research I found another local source of negative ions, the humble bath room shower which releases Negative ions due to the splashing of water. Good alternative to those who can’t live near water falls or make regular visits to the woods.

If you have any benefits of negative ions or want to share these stories, please do write in to me and I will share them as part of the next post.







Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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  1. Sumeet Kad

    Brilliant post. I never recognized the effects of ions in our day to day life. It could be revolutionary in various fields First thing that comes to my mind is the enormous amount of benefits medical field can enjoy due to such ions. Patients can be free of drug complications and complex surgical procedures. I am writing this sitting in my office and being a Friday I am quite lethargic to work but have to finish few important deliverable by today. I wonder whether such ions can increase my productivity and efficiency. If its possible imagine its usage in the corporate world.What else it can be used for in daily lives of millions of people?

    1. admin

      Hi Sumeet

      That’s a great idea and and we need to figure out a way to use this to increase the productivity in addition to health and wellness. Maybe Sam can answer that question.

  2. Sam

    Dear Summet,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    If your office had a negative ion generator it would definitely make a difference in your mood and focus because a average office negative ion count is as low as 150 to 200 ions/cc (it can be something as simple as a couple of fresh live indoor plants, water fountains, mechanical negative ion generators or just a simple ionheal on your wrist depending on what exposure you would need) however what we need to understand is that exposure to negative ions does not give you wings or super powers which is a misconception that many companies promote.

    Negative ions are vital to every, living organism to function correctly the way nature intended when it created us (we are all born alkaline pH 7.35-7.45)…this vital energy is referred to as Parana in our culture however the irony is that whatever western science does not understand it labelled as ancient BS or a scam which is quite sad.

    I can go on forever about this …if you can find Natalie Rose’s book called the “The anatomics of your subatomics ” helps one understand more on the subject.

    There is a reason why negative ions therapy and its benefits has been a subject of so much research and is being used from manufacturing products to structural uses and why the western world has been unaware or ignorant for decades of research and the strong Asian understanding and use of natural therapies like Yoga for example and wide scale use of negative ion generators in parts of Europe, Asia.

    The problem today is that the general public is skeptical and need fast results, the most difficult task is trying to get past the public preconception of the power of nature and its benefits…we were not designed to live they way we do and modern lifestyles and surroundings have had an effect on our wellbeing.

    It is the concentration of negative ions that is so vital for our wellbeing that keeps our cells healthy and alive at the subatomic level that is so important for our bodies to function properly and when our cells are not clean and healthy, we will be short of electrons on a subatomic level, so imbalanced atoms will be stealing electrons from healthy atoms and nullifying the electrical potential. You might have heard the term for these imbalanced atoms; they are called “free radicals.”
    Healthy cells and tissues are made up of negatively-charged ionic particles. This makes man’s body alkaline, and all life-generating substances in the world of form carry a negative, or alkaline, ionic charge.

    However our exposure to negative ions or an alkaline pH level is limited due to our lifestyles, surroundings and food habits.

    What made me make ionheal?

    There were a lot of reasons why I developed ionheal however one of the things that got me going in the first place was why my parents felt 10 years younger, with reduced uric acid levels, pain, insomnia, blood pressure and other symptoms reduced when they stayed at their newly built water front property.

    The house is built just 3 meters away from the waters edge with waves crashing in 24/7 just 3 meters away….I just had to figure this out and not take my parents words about cleaner environment and fresh food…which just didn’t add up.

    It took me a while to understand my parents had a living 24/7 negative ion generator just 3 meters away from their house ( waves crashing as surf create negative ions) and access to drinking water that was naturally ionized and alkaline in pH from the well was making a huge difference in their wellbeing.

    The fact that it’s a one of a kind awesome water front property is totally irrelevant issue however it’s worth a note.

    It’s not possible for many of us to live in such environments or use heavy mechanical devices that create negative ions….and that’s were I got me thinking.

    It became a mission to develop an ion generator that was not invasive, easy to carry, powerful and stayed with you 24/7 and had minimum carbon print on the environment. Ionheal is made by a proprietary process using pure African Black tourmaline gem stone that is the one of the few elements that can hold and emit a constant negative charge naturally.

    Ionheal was initially made and used my myself and my friends and their families because I wanted to see the results for myself and not intended for a mass manufacture…it just grew from there on.

    Ionheal was developed with a passion to helping others with the power of nature and I took this a step further in sharing the profits of the company with the user, with a unique income opportunity, because ionheal is not sold but referred from user to customer.

    With a cost value of a branded jeans and your money refunded when you refer your family and friends…..its time everyone got an ionheal.

    Who we are and what we’re capable of starts with our trillions of body cells. Are they clean, are they healthy and are they communicating properly and what makes them function correctly is important to understand…we need to be passionate about our wellbeing and not take it for granted.

    Negative ions are not magic or supernatural things however understanding how they help us is one of the keys to a better wellbeing, with a healthy lifestyle, proper food and physical exercise.

    It should be noted that the benefits experienced may vary from individual to individual for any of our products mentioned herein
    Ionheal not intended for the treatment or cure of any diseases or health related issues.
    It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care. Should you have any specific questions or concerns about your health, please consult your health care provider.

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