An iPhone application to reduce anxiety



Mobile applications have been used for a variety of reasons. from buying movie tickets to reading news and to listen to music. But researchers in Mayo clinic have come up with an application for Apple devices to reduce anxiety.

The application named “Anxiety Coach” is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which is considered the best way to handle fear and anxiety related disorders.

According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria’s official blog, Anxiety Coach was developed by two clinical psychologists who are recognized as experts in the treatment of anxiety disorders – Stephen Whiteside, Ph.D., director of the Pediatric Anxiety Disorders Program at Mayo Clinic, and Jonathan Abramowitz, Ph.D., an adult anxiety disorders specialist at the University of North Carolina.(Source:

Some of the key features for the application are

  1. A self test to measure the severity of the fear and anxiety
  2. Provision to create a personal plan to manage the anxiety
  3. A library of more than 500 use cases of how other users have handled anxiety in the past
  4. A record of attacks
  5. Monitoring progress
  6. Tools to identify when the fear becomes a medical problem

The application is available for download from itunes for $ 4.99 at

Hopefully the application will help reduce the anxiety of people in India and abroad.



Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

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