Things You Need to Know Before and After Getting a Hip Replacement

Many people today suffer back pain problems. Thanks to our desk jobs that keeps us glued to our desks for good numbers of hours, making the back joints pain. However, we don’t pay much heat to the problem unless we reach to a stage of surgeries. Hip replacement surgery is one such procedure for curing painful hip joints.

Hip joints can be painful because of many reasons. If you are suffering from arthritis or you had met with an accident or a prolonged unattended joint pain, then you might have to undergo this surgery.

How it’s done?

During the hip replacement surgery, the doctor removes the original hip joint with a prosthetic joint that is usually made from metal or plastic. Hip replacement surgery is often recommended when all the other alternatives to cure the problem has failed. Getting a hip replacement should be last option. The cost of total hip replacement in India is approximately between 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs, depending on the kind of surgery you require.

When do you qualify?

Not everyone suffering from back pains have to go through surgery. Patients suffering from arthritis in hip joint are primarily the ones who require the surgery. Therefore, in order to be considered for the surgery, there are certain criteria’s that you need to meet.

  • Unbearable pains in hip joint
  • Unable to perform day to day activity due to pain like walking or climbing stairs
  • Chronic pains in rising after sitting position

These are some conditions when you must meet an orthopaedic doctor for consultation. The surgeon would examine the amount of cartilage damage around the hip joint and depending on that would recommend surgery.


Preparations before the surgery

Once you qualify for the surgery, then there are certain preparations that needs to be done before you undergo an operation. You need to ensure that you are in best of your health in terms of blood pressure, diabetes, no heart conditions etc. Other than this, there would be series of medical tests conducted to examine if the body is ready to take the pressure of the surgery.

Post-surgery precautions

Preparing for the surgery and getting it done one challenge. Recovering from the surgery is another challenge all together.

  • Once you have undergone the surgery, the first and the foremost thing that you need to take care of is the position of the hip. You might not be able to change positions freely right after the surgery. Be extra cautious about that.
  • Never take your operative leg near your chest and don’t try to sit in 90-degree position on bed
  • While moving in and out the car, make sure you have the operative leg in or out first
  • Take a shower instead of using a bucket or a tub
  • Work with rehabilitation specialist to gain back the strength.


Hip replacement cost in India is not that high compared to western countries. Also, you can find some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in India. Finding the right doctor is the key. 

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