Muthoot healthcare striving towards a healthier central Kerala

Healthcare in India continues to suffer from chronic infrastructure issues. The situation is far worse in rural areas which house almost 70 % of the country but have only 20 % of the infrastructure. This is both in terms of doctors as well as devices.

The Indian government continues to work towards solving this problem and has planned to invest close to $ 11 billion to set up a universal healthcare system, one of the largest in the world. The annual cost of maintaining that system would be close to $ 8 Billion.

Till then the country depends on public as well as private hospitals with almost 60 % of the healthcare spend coming out of private pockets. Some states have shown more progress than the others in healthcare. A good example of a state doing well is Kerala, which has social parameters comparable to European countries.

Some large business houses in Kerala have got into the healthcare space a big way and one of them is the Muthoot Group under their Muthoot Healthcare Division.

Famous for sponsoring the Delhi Daredevils IPL team, the Muthoot group is a powerhouse in the financial services. Their interests range from Commercial banking to gold loans. But a little known fact about them is that they run two hospitals in Kerala, Mar Gregorious Memorial Muthoot Medical Centre in Pathanamthitta and the Muthhoot Medical Center in Kozencherry.

The interesting part about these hospitals are that both of them are in central Travancore district.. These hospitals cater to Cardiology, Dental Surgery, Nephrology, general medicine among others. I just realized that MMC Kozhencherry is now striving toward attaining NABH accreditation by QCI. The hospital, then, will be the first hospital in a rural panchayat setting to have NABH accreditation, and will further illustrate the Muthoot Healthcare’s commitment toward providing quality healthcare to the rural community.

Also the hospital caters to preventive care and has standard packages for health checkup including a special package for women. Also on the website they have an interesting feature called patient lounge where there is space to calculate your BMI and has some medical information for preventive care and nutrition.

Now you can look for doctors on the website but because of its rural location you cannot find more than a couple of doctors per specialty. Now this corroborates with my findings earlier that 70 % of our doctors are present in the urban areas.

The chain never the less seems to be on an aggressive hiring spree especially for technology. So if you are a technologist in the central Travancore area, please do check out the open positions on the site. There are some dental positions as well, so all my dental friends in central Kerala happy hunting.

Finally this is a great example of how a business can invest in healthcare and improve the healthcare parameters for a rural population. This could serve as an example for others to emulate and invest more in the health of rural India.



Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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