Columbia Pacific acquires Serene Senior Care

Serene Senior Care, a leading senior housing operator in India, is being purchased by Seattle-based Columbia Pacific, owner of Columbia Asia Hospital Group, one of the largest and fastest-growing healthcare providers in Asia. With this, Columbia Pacific will undergo a significant expansion of its India senior housing portfolio over the next five years.Columbia Pacific, a family of private asset and investment management companies, also owns and operates hospitals and senior care facilities across Asia, including the Columbia Asia hospital company in India and Southeast Asia.

To begin with, the first two senior housing communities that Columbia Pacific will build are planned in Bangalore. Within five years, Columbia Pacific is planning to more than quintuple the number of the units Serene Senior Care has under management, to 5,000 units. Serene Senior Care currently operates 735 residential units in four senior housing communities in South India, with a presence in Chennai, Puducherry and Coimbatore. Serene plans to expand to 1,700 units under Columbia Pacific by fall 2017.


The company operates and provides services to India senior care communities in which residents purchase their own retirement villas, apartments or houses. Serene’s services include meals, preventive health care, wellness classes, maintenance and security.

“Serene is already known for its high quality, affordable service to India’s seniors and elegant design of its communities,” said P. Viswanathan, Managing Director of Serene Senior Care.  “With the decades of experience and expertise of Columbia Pacific, we are well positioned to provide India’s senior population with communities built to the highest international standards,” he added.


Serene, under Columbia Pacific ownership, has aggressive expansion plans in India, which is projected to be the world’s most populous country by the next decade, with a fast-growing senior population and an emergent middle class.  Already the country has an elderly population of 100 million, more than the population of the United Kingdom and Canada combined.Columbia Pacific has been active in the India healthcare market for more than a decade. Columbia Asia, Columbia Pacific’s hospital company in India and Southeast Asia, has 27 hospitals and one clinic in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, including 11 modern, efficient multi-specialty hospitals in India.


“Columbia Pacific has been operating hospitals in India since 2005, and we are one of the most experienced operators of senior housing both in the U.S. and China,” said Matthew Powell, Development Director for Columbia Pacific’s international healthcare arm, Columbia Pacific Management. “We’re thrilled to meet the tremendous demand and care for India’s senior population with communities designed for the growing middle class.”

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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    Home Healthcare business is not well organised in India. There are Few Big players like Portea, Dabur & now most of the Private Hospital Chains have launched home care vertical. Apart from this, there are thousands of small Nursing bureaus and even staff working in private hospitals are running placement business with poor service standards.

    Chronic problem is Value for money. Patients pay 1500 to 2000 per 12 hr shift for Nurse & 500 to 700 for Attendant per 12 hr shift.

    Most of the Nurses are untrained, have least patient care attitude & have entered Home care as it has more money, less work.

    Attendants are even worse, poor education, lack of training, hygiene level poor, no Dedication towards well being of patient.

    Nursing Bureaus & Agencies are exploiting families.

    Charge high amount with almost 30-45% margin. Pootr family, has to arrange huge funds, as they have no or v little choice.

    Apart from Nurses & Attendants, charges for visits for any procedure is also v high, for example 2000/- per visit for follice catheter, 450- 700 per visit for injection.

    Do not invest in training,

    No specialised training for patients with extra special needs such as Dementia, / Parkinsons.

    To grab more business recruit in desperation even unqualified staff,

    No regular client / site visits,

    Change staff without prior information to patient & family,

    No strictness on grooming/ uniform. Few nurses, report for homecare duty with long hair open, tight jeans & bright coloured T shirts…

    Nurses are addicted to Smartphones.

    Many nurses have less exposure on usage of equipment.

    Home care staff lack empathy, rarely exceed expectations & do very little for patient well being.

    Few Home Healthcare agencies are also into equipment rental, their focus is even worse……. Their priority is up selling & more revenue rather than patiuent well being, speedy recovery & proper counselling.

    The level of expertise & dedication of home physiotherapists is even worse….. Little experience, lack of knowledge, lack of empathy & technical skills. Focus is only how to prolong number of sessions, so as to increase visits & more revenue.

    If family complains, change staff in hurry, hire thru other small agencies & send untrained staff as qualified nurses or stop service without any prior notification.


    Rajesh Satyal

    1. admin

      Great insights Rajesh and I am validating some of these through my sources in the Industry. I plan to use some of this content in our next post. We will put it out this week.


        Good morning !
        Trust you are fine!

        Rajesh Satyal

      2. admin

        Good Morning, Yes we are doing well. How are you?

  2. William

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    Good morning!
    Well, gradually Healthcare in India, espicially, Home Healthcare in Metro cities is becoming Wealthcare ; If you have WEALTH…. then CARE is for you…


    1. Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

      I agree as most healthcare expenses are out of the pocket. So Wealth in a way is equal to health today.

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