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Columbia Asia Hospital’s Dr Nanda Kumar Jairam awarded “Healthcare Personality of The Year” by FICCI

Indian healthcare is growing at a tremendous pace today, owing [...]

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Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centres holds the fourth edition of Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Update

Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centres recently, inaugurated its fourth edition [...]

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Telemedicine penetration in India is low but is growing very fast says Dr Harsha Rajaram, Columbia Asia Hospitals

  Healthcare ecosystem in India is still evolving. Considering the [...]

Patient safety awareness in Infusion Therapy can reduce the rate of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Hyderabad City is among the first cities to have adopted [...]

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Lack of collaboration and communication, reason for the mess in the healthcare system in India

It was revealed that India has only 938,861 registered allopathy doctors or [...]

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The new age hospitals key to improved healthcare in India says Dr Harish Pillai, CEO Aster Medcity

The healthcare thought leaders in India would converge at the [...]

Introducing Dental Photography by Dr Mayur Davda

Dental Photography is an emerging area of art and science. As of today Dental Photography has more than 50 different applications. Some of them include documentation, marketing, shade selection, scientific presentations, sharing cases with your peers, medico legal, forensics etc. just to name a few. This is the exact reason why every dentist MUST embrace dental photography into the daily practice.

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Technology to change the model of care delivery in India? Some answers from the Cisco study

  The global technology firm CISCO had published the results [...]

Why we need to focus on serious problems like Tuberculosis before tackling more complex problems in India? A few thoughts on World TB day 24th March

  (Image source: In India it is cool to start [...]

Indian Startups: Shifting the paradigm in medical technology Part 2

  In continuation to the previous post that talked about [...]