Innovation key to boost availability of safe-drinking water for India

For decades, people in India, are being deprived of clean and safe drinking water and this perennial problem has been increasing exponentially both in urban as well as rural parts of the country. Try and digest this statistic: nearly 60% (76 million) of people in India do not have access to safe drinking water due to rising pollutants in the existing water sources, lack of effective methods of purifying water (both at the source and household level) and poor storage infrastructure. Regular spillage of heavy industrial waste and agricultural activities into the river and groundwater has led to the influx of high amount of toxic materials into the drinking sources of water. There is not even a single Indian city which can provide clean water that can be consumed from the tap on a 24×7 basis. According to the recent statistics published by the World Bank, over 75% of the communicable diseases in India are water related. There are no concrete solutions at the central or state levels to manage water quality, and no adoption of cost-effective technologies to provide clean drinking water.


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