Philips Healthcare adds new features to Ultasound machines

The use of ultrasound systems for medical imaging is widespread since decades for a variety of medical applications. These imaging solutions are of perennial importance for achieving accurate diagnosis and helping reach the most appropriate treatment regime and hence enhancing the healthcare outcomes.  However, the evolution of medical technology and diagnosis has invited constant pressure on medical diagnostic manufacturing companies to increase the intensity of innovation, regularly introduce advanced features, reduce the overall operational costs and improve clinical workflow. Powered by integration of new applications and rapid advances in microelectronics and sensors, ultrasound imaging systems have evolved from cart-based, single-use systems into high portable, versatile and multi-use diagnostic systems.


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Philips Healthcare Launches VISIQ Portable Ultra Sound

Did you know that almost 26 million babies are born in India every year. That’s like adding a new Venezuela to our population every year. As most of the population is based in the rural areas, almost 60-70 % of these babies and their mothers would not have access to proper care before birth. This includes the ultra sound scans that those of us in the urban areas consider apart of the pregnancy monitoring healthcare system.


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