Healthcare Delivery

Most doctors in Urban India are quacks…not surprising.


A recent report by IMS Health India puts the number of quacks in urban India more than qualified MBBS doctors.

A quack according to IMS Health is someone not have an MBBS degree but still prescribes Allopathic medicines. So there are basically three categories of quacks. the first category is those who have no degree at all. These form a big chunk of those prescribing medicines in cities.

The second category are those with Ayurvedic, Yunani, Siddha, Homeopathic degrees but prescribing Allopathic medicines.

And the final category are those with Integrated Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Electro homeopathy degree.

All three categories are not allowed to prescribe Allopathic (Pharmaceutial) medicines, but do so in the cities.

Mostly the doctor pay in the cities is very skewed towards the super specialists with Oncologists (cancer), Cardiologists / Cardiac Surgeons(heart) and Neuro surgeons/ Neurologists (brain) who make most of the money. Almost 4-5 times that made by the middle layer that is made up of Ophthalmologists (Eye) , Pediatricians (Childcare) and Gynecologists.

The bottom layer of qualified doctors are dentists, general physicians and  internal medicine practioners. Also as the costs are high this gives a scope for the quacks who charge a fraction for the same services.

So on one hand the Govt wants to send new MBBS doctors to rural areas while our own cities are filled with quacks. Also the charge disparity between the various specialists.  Fore more on the report please visit the IMS Health India site.