Healthcare Delivery

Know Your Lab: How an Online Service Seeks to Revolutionize the Indian Diagnostic Setup


The internet has revolutionized consumer choices like never before. Traditional retail stores have discovered the potential of online shopping. Taxis are booked through apps and food is ordered over a click of a button. One can compare products, prices and the best stores in a blink. And in Bengaluru, services such as Medyog are extending the consumer experience from everyday lifestyle choices to critical sectors such as affordable healthcare. Last week I had written about Hospital Ratings, but did you know that you can rate diagnostic labs as well ?

How often have we been advised tests to be conducted at a lab referred by the doctor, irrespective of the cost or the quality? And if left on their own, patients are hounded by questions like where do they go to conduct the test, which diagnostic center is better, how much would it cost and so on.