Cognitive Computing: Cancer Cure for India?

A utopia, in which all the published data (new and existing) related to medical field is assimilated, understood and provides insights, could be a reality very soon. Cognitive computing technology could be the next transformative force propelling the healthcare industry towards the next era.  In 2015, near 44, 000 oncology research papers were published globally which mounts down to almost 122 new papers per day. Not even the best of human mind can tackle this tsunami of data let alone utilization of this for providing more efficient treatment to the patients. A technology which can help the doctors to utilize this vast amount of data for the benefit of the patients could be a game changer.


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Cognitive Era: A New Transformative Dimension in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant change driven by six disruptive forces - rapid digitization, changing consumer expectations, regulatory complexities, increasing healthcare demand, shortage of skilled resources and elevating healthcare…

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