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Ayushman Bharat Yojana : Decoded

Last month saw the launch of the Ayushman Bharat Yojana by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. It is a bold and ambitious step in the history of healthcare reforms in the nation. For the first time, a government has gone beyond lip sympathy on such a large scale. So what is this scheme all about and how can you participate, let’s discuss this in the next few paragraphs.

Healthcare Technology

Emerging technologies on showcase at the next Philips Digital Health Conclave

The promise of emerging technologies and its implications on healthcare have been a topic of discussion lately. I strongly believe that if designed properly, a health platform leveraging technologies like AI, IoT and Blockchain would reduce the inefficiencies in the system. Today we have pockets of implementations across India, but the next 5 years would see healthcare system-wide implementations. As we go into this new era, what are the key aspects that one needs to cover to make that transition?

Healthcare Technology

Philips launches global start-up acceleration program for AI in healthcare

Following its successful health technology start-up acceleration programs in Bangalore last year, Philips has opened applications for its global start-up acceleration program. The theme for this global program across multiple locations, including, US, Europe, India and China is AI in Healthcare.

Healthcare Delivery

How to solve the Nursing dilemma in India ?

Last week there was a lot of activity in my neighborhood, as my neighbor’s daughter was leaving for the UK. A qualified nurse, she had been working for one of the premier hospitals in Bangalore, and only a month ago was accepted at the NHS in the UK. As my neighbor rejoiced and thought about the sorry state of the nursing in India.

Truth be told I hate to see nurses leave the country. I hate to see doctors leave too. A country like ours with a billion plus people cannot afford to have medical personnel leaving the country. When the

Last year we had focused on the situation with nurses in India. As you all know we continue to lose talent to the west. UK, Australia, and Canada have emerged as leading destination for nurses with more than 5 years of experience. Last year we had spoken to Col Binu Sharma at Columbia Asia. Even in the discussion then it emerged that a lot needs to be done to grow the profession in India.

Earlier this year I was at the Smart Tech Healthcare Summit in Bangalore and explored this topic further with the healthcare leaders and delegates. During the session, I got talking to Dr. Lalit Singh from Elsevier and was pleasantly surprised, by a new initiative by Elsevier to raise awareness about nursing as a profession. They have created a program where they take successful nurses from across major hospitals, across areas like clinical nursing, staff nursing, nursing informatics, nursing education among others and documented their success stories. These include the key changes they made in their careers that made them successful. Based on these stories and anecdotes Elsevier is developing a program and going back to nursing colleges, schools, and hospitals, and help the students and other professional nurses find their career path.

I think this is a very good step and in many ways, I feel the government should be doing this. But as long as it gets done, I feel a good beginning has been made.

Below is the full discussion between me and Dr Lalit Singh on this topic.

As always would love to hear your views. What can be done to revive nursing in India?

Healthcare Delivery

The future of healthcare in India

If you entered a hospital in India, in the year 2030 what would you see? Would you see an OPD with patients milling around, standing in line for the doctor to see them? Will he then be sent from department to department depending on what tests and diagnostics need to be done? Will there be wards with patients admitted, undergoing treatment and watched over by an army of nurses and paraclinical staff?

What happened to the promise of personalised healthcare? What about Remote Patient Monitoring? or Population Health? Did these live up to the promises?

To understand the healthcare of the future, we need to find out what we are doing today to build the future healthcare of tomorrow. Last month I was at the Smart Tech Healthcare Summit, where I caught up with my good friend and Healthcare Leader Dr Ashwin Naik. Ashwin and I first met at the Philips Digital Health Conclave in 2015 where he first talked about the hospital of tomorrow.

According to him the hospital of tomorrow, may not have wards, or departments for that matter. It will only have an ICU, Emergency, and wards for palliative care.  We continued that thought process when we met this time and I personally wanted to see if he has changed his opinion since 2015.

To my surprise, Ashwin still stands by his earlier opinion and he gave me further reasons to believe that the hospital of tomorrow would be more of a monitoring center, more like a NOC. While patients would be monitored from their house, speeding up recovery and returning the patient to full functionality. Below is a recording of this conversation.


As always I would love to have your opinion on this topic. Please do let me know how do you envisage the healthcare of tomorrow?