Philips Innovation center launches Healthsuite Digital Platform

It’s interesting to see the constant innovation in the field of healthcare. From apps for sorting out your health records to platforms for finding the right doctor, there’s not only ample scope but providers of unique solutions as well. Like the Philips Heathsuite Digital Platform- an open cloud-based platform which collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources. A quick chat with Vijayananda J, Senior Director, Analytics at Philips Healthcare gave a better insight into the platform and its benefits.

“The HealthSuite digital platform represents a new concept in connected care for both patients and providers. It is supported by,” says Vijay, “Health systems, care providers and individuals can access data on personal health, specific patient conditions and entire populations—so care can be more personalized and people more empowered in their own health, wellbeing and lifestyle.”


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