Decentralizing Healthcare in Digital India

Confronted with a population that’s overwhelming and highly diverse (1.2 billion), India is faced with a constant need to find enterprising and innovative ways to leverage its limited healthcare infrastructure to reach out to more and more people. The lack of infrastructure is a big deterrent in providing care for citizens outside the cities. One wonders, therefore, if decentralization can really help to solve this problem.


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How the Digital Revolution is Impacting the Field of Surgery


Elaborating upon a previous post, a brief chat with co-founder of the Touch Surgery app- Jean Nehme, takes us through the what, when, how and why story behind the creation of this novel idea.

Bridging the gap between conventional surgical training and newest surgical practices is this remarkable app that fuses technology, domain knowledge and experience in bringing together doctors from around the world. “Learning to operate in the OR is inefficient, variable and not in the best interest of the patient,” observes Jean, “Touch Surgery allows a surgeon to simulate and rehearse the steps of an operation enabling high transfer of knowledge and preparation before entering the OR.”


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