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Is raw sugar better than refined sugar ?

I love my coffee. And just like every other south Indian man, I believe that filter coffee is the best. Of late health aficionados have started bothering me with my increasing waistline and decreasing stamina. They often point to my coffee tumbler and indicate that that is one of my biggest problems. Its not the coffee they make fun of, it is the sugar that I add in the coffee every morning.

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Why Chota Bheem may be negatively affecting the health of your child….


Chota-Bheem-Cartoon-Pogo-Picture-5Chota Bheem is a phenomenon for the children of today. Some look at him as a role model. But is he affecting the health of your child?

The thought first came to my mind, when my daughter asked me for a ladoo about 2 years ago. She said Bheem has ladoos and that’s why he is strong. Realizing that this was probably not such a bad thing, I did get her the ladoos. After a while this became the norm and she started consuming the sweets regularly.