Is Indian Healthcare heading in the right direction?

A few days ago I met a consultant who also happened to be my neighbor. After exchanging a few pleasantries he surprised me by asking me a lot of questions on the state of the Dental Business in the country. Now I loathe to think   of Dental or Healthcare as a business. And somehow the tone of the conversation was cringe worthy. He then went on to talk very knowledgeably about the average revenue per bed and how the industry was poised for growth. I suspect he is working with Venture Capitalists(VC’s) to prepare an assessment of the industry. At that instant I had an epiphany. I felt terrible from inside as if something was wrong.


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Does India need better patient education ?

Motherhood is perhaps the most challenging phase in a woman’s life – not just because of the of physical changes she experiences, but also due to the wide range of advise she is subject to from family, friends, and the medical practitioners she consults. While advise on motherhood and parenting by friends and family members is often based on that individual’s personal experience (or that of his/her close relative), one would expect that medical practitioners would provide appropriate advise relevant to the patient’s life style, mental and physical health, and monetary compulsions. Sadly, my experience indicates otherwise.


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