Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Digital is transforming healthcare. It is creating new channels for improving patient experience, creating better clinical processes and engaging doctors and other para-clinical staff like never before. It is also creating new models for areas like medical education, rehabilitation and managing supply chain. In these there key areas Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are playing a key role. But first let’s start with the definition and differences between AR and VR.

The Industry seems to be taking notice of this emerging area. These are some numbers from the industry

  1. More than 150 of Global Fortune 500 investing in AR/VR
  2. VC and corporate investment upto $2.3 Billion in AR/VR Startups
  3. IDC projects revenues from AR/VR to grow from $5.2 billion today to $162 billion by 2020

For more details read the original post on HCIT Experts

I will be speaking on this topic tomorrow at the IT Healthcare Summit 2017 at Bangalore. It will be interesting to discuss and other topics on digital health and how it is transforming healthcare in India. Looking forward to hearing your views on the same. The de

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