Help Vihaan Sharma get treated for Burkitt’s Lymphoma

A few days ago we were tagged on Twitter in a story where the father of a 3-year-old Vihaan Sharma had reached out to us to help him raise funds for his treatment. While many such requests come our way, we wanted to help the child but befire that we had to verify the genuineness of the case.

Original Tweet from the handle – @VihaanS88920491

While offline methods to verify the validity of the case did not work out due to restrictions on the sharing of patient information, the hospital, Manipal Hospitals in Jaipur themselves confirmed the case through their Twitter handle.

Manipal Hospital confirming the case

Burkitt’s Lymphoma is a type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma that is caused due to cancerous growth in the B Cells of the body. It spreads rapidly if left untreated. The reason why it is dangerous is that it seriously hampers the immunity of the patient. There two types of Burkitt’s Lymphoma African- endemic to children in Africa and Sporadic which is more global. The Sporadic variety is attributed to Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)

Typical Symptoms include

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Weight loss.
  • Fatigue.
  • Night sweats.
  • Unexplained¬†fever.

Vihaan is admitted to Manipal Hospital in Jaipur and is receiving treatment from Dr. Satyendra Katewa who is the head of the Department of Oncology. Vihaan’s parents have set up this link in Milaap where you can support the treatment. They have raised close to INR 9 Lakhs for the treatment while the ask for the treatment is INR 17 Lakhs. The link to the site where you can contribute is here-

Please do contribute with whatever help you can, while times are tough, and things are uncertain, it is our ability to do good, that would go a long way in establishing Ram Rajya of the 22nds century.

Do let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we would be happy to address them.

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