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Imagine you are a student studying in a remote campus with no access to quality healthcare close by. What is the best way to get quality medical care? This was the question that four young graduates from BITS Pilani were trying to answer during their education there.

The answer was: use Digital. So the four young men, incubated this idea and out of this was born ‘Get Visit’ that brings the doctors and patients together. Now you might be wondering that there are so many startups in this space and what would be so unique about this particular one? Well I was thinking similarly, having spoken to a few others in this space and I found some very unique differentiation.

Firstly ‘Get Visit’ is not the first venture from these founders. Earlier they had launched a SAS based web solution for doctors that enabled a customized URL page. Then the patients could seek appointments for the doctor through this page. The venture was called Pulse and almost 150 doctors from different verticals like psychology, dermatology, general physicians etc. in the Delhi –NCR region signed up for it. This gave them the insights required to launch ‘Visit’.

In the B2C scenario it works similarly and they have an Android application for now and soon will be launching their iOS application soon.

The second unique differentiation is that one of the core therapeutic area is tackling issues like depression and invigorating   mental wellness. Now the social stigma associated with mental health in India is well documented. It is this social stigma that discourages patients from seeking help. But on the digital world some of the anonymity can be maintained and one of the reasons that today mental health forms 70 % of all interactions on Visit.


depression-1250897_960_720“Mental health is an area that we invested heavily getting highly qualified physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists on the panel”, says Chetan Anand, co-founder at the Visit. “We are further focusing on a scenario where our application allows the patient to record his mood, for example, on a particular day so that the psychiatrist reviewing the case is able to get an idea on how the patient is responding to the treatment.”

The third important differentiaton about the app is that one can chat online with the doctor for free unlike other companies that offer a Q&A forum. Further, on payment of a fixed fee you can talk to an expert on video or on phone. The fee covers follow up on chat as well, that is valid for 7 days.

Each patient gets assigned a ‘Care Team’ based on certain parameters including his location, gender and the therapeutic area on which he is seeking help. Interestingly registered doctors can invite their patients as well into the care group.

Chetan and his team have been talking to corporate and the response has been good to run their wellness programs. Based on the feedback, the team has launched services in dermatology and nutrition. The quality of the consultations on the application has been good.

“We have completed more that 100 + video consultations and almost 95% of them have been completed on video. In 5 % we had to switch to phone due to the bandwidth issues”, says Chetan.

Interestingly almost 40 % of the patients are from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, a number I am seeing consistently across the board and is in line with my belief that such endeavors are going to be the key to provide healthcare to the entire country.

In the future Visit plans to add machine learning to their venture and also would be releasing the iOS version of the mobile application. Also efforts are on to make the application more optimized for devices, improving the quality of consultations, providing feedback to the doctors among other things.

So do try them out at . Also do let me know your perspective on this post as well as any of the previous ones on the site. As always reviews and feedback are welcome.


Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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