Feeling heavy or bloated ? It would be your wheat

Usha name changed the typical Indian Software Engineer. She was active and a fitness freak but used to feel bloated and heavy after every meal. Despite signing up for Zumba classes and hitting the gym regularly, the bloating and the heaviness never left her. After doing this for a couple of years what did the most next most logical thing when she went and consulted a nutritionist to understand whether her diet was causing some issues. After initial tests and consultations, she found out that, she was gluten intolerant and was not able to digest certain types of grains including wheat. After moving to a non-gluten based diet into other substituted by other grains Usha found out that have bloating came down the heaviness reduced in as a matter of fact she started losing weight and getting back into shape.

Usha is not the only one in India who undergoes this phenomenon. I have noticed of late that the rise in allergies and intolerance towards various strains of wheat in India. What is interesting about the rise is that it has been on an aggressive path since the early 2000 and today many people are either intolerant or allergic to wheat and rice strains. There are many theories about why this is happening but the but the most prominent one is the is the one about introducing genetically modified wheat strains in the Indian ecosystem which is causing the situation.

Whatever the reason for this situation it is very very important for us to look at alternatives to what we have been traditionally used to. A good example of alternatives is going to more traditional grain like Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, and Sattu. The reason why these cranes might work better is that the amount of commercialization and genetic modification in this strange is much lower as compared to traditional wheat and rice

Our health depends on three critical factors; the input as in food we eat, our habits as in cultivating healthy or/on healthy habits and finally the output that is how much we work or we exercise or we spend our energy on this equation. This gives rise to health fitness the fitness. The sports industry has made us believe that only the output or the exercise physical activity determines our health. I believe that is a bigger conspiracy because without modifying the input and any Physics P graduate could tell you that  input-output ratio and how they are related without modifying the input there is no point in focusing on the output.

So these are my recommendation if you are feeling bloated heavy intolerant or extreme cases developing an allergy to be.

  1. Stop consuming wheat immediately look at alternatives, especially if you demonstrate signs of bloating
  2. Keep a record of what you are eating try to moderate your diet and introduce non traditional serials like Ragi Jowar Bajra see which one of them suits you
  3. Consult a nutritionist very few medical professionals really read nutrition as a doctor I know how much time I spend in the preclinical stuff concerned the nutrition is there the best ones to guide you and help you determine the input ratio while fitness gym and your habits are actors modifiers you input is the key to your health

So, in conclusion, to stay healthy please eat right.

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

Management Thinker, Marketer, Healthcare Professional Communicator and Ideation exponent

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