Apollo Hospitals removes a tumor weighing 47 kgs from a Gujrat resident

In what would be probably a national record, doctors in Apollo Ahmedabad removed a tumor weighing 47 Kgs from a woman. The patient was never weighed before the operation but post the operation she weighed 47 Kgs.

Doctors at Apollo Ahmedabad with the tumor

The patient had companied of chest pain and high blood pressure before the procedure. This is understandable as the tumor had been putting pressure on the heart and the lungs. The tumor though identified long ago had displaced all internal organs. It was also attached to the internal linings of the abdomen and other organs. Doctors had attempted this in 2004 but as the risk was immense, had decided not to remove the tumor. After careful planning and repeated scans, the procedure was planned this year, and a team of specialists worked around the clock to plan and execute this strategy.

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