Why India needs the Rice Bucket Challenge ?

Rice-Bucket-Challenge-257x300A lot has been written about the Indian “Rice Bucket Challenge”

Started by Journalist Manju Kalanidhi, the challenge involves you donating a Kilo of Rice to a needy person. Then just like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you have to nominate someone else for it.

Now so far in Hyderabad itself, many people have taken on this challenge. A college in Kaminnagar actually  had the highest donations as more than 2000 students donated almost 2000 kgs of rice. Many local Hyderabad celebrities have joined the challenge and there were plans to rope in Satya Nadella and Jwala Gutta. The challenge had almost 64,000 people talking about it on Facebook.

Now based on this people in Kolkatta are using the Rice Bucket Challenge to donate food for the people of Kashmir affected by the floods. (more…)

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