Playing tennis can help you live longer

Finally some validation for us Tennis players. Playing tennis can help you live longer according to a study by Oxford and some researchers in Finland and Australia. The study was conducted over a period of 9 years over a pool of 80,000 people mostly of Scottish and English descent.

These people consisted of 52% women and 48 % men. The mean age was 52 +- 14 years. The study covered key sports and recreation activities like Running, Football (Soccer for my American friends), Swimming, Running, Tennis, Cycling, Aerobics and Racquet Sports. The study looked for correlation in all cause mortality and Cardio Vascular Related Mortality.


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Tele-ICU key to providing critical care to millions in India

Healthcare in India is at an exciting phase in its evolution. On one side we have government policy that has ensured that standards have been set for EMR, medical Records and Standards, while on the other hand we see very large hospitals adopting digital in order to increase access and improve care outcomes.  But the key to innovation in healthcare are startups and new ventures coming up with innovative care models that are changing the course of the healthcare industry in India.

At the Philips Digital Health Conclave, I had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with many thought leaders in the healthcare space. I spoke to Dr Pinak Shrikhande, Principal at Healthquad and  Director at Critinext, a India’s largest Tele-ICU service provider. Below are some of the excerpts from the discussion.


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Announcing the Philips Digital Health Conclave 2016

Philips Healthcare has been on the forefront of healthcare in India. They have been thought leaders in this space, bringing together solutions like the remote ICU, Artificial Defibrillator and Digital Health Platform in addition to state of the art CT Scans and X Ray Machines.

This month on the 23rd of November, Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) is hosting the annual Digital Health Conclave at the Riz Carlton in Bangalore. The event would see thought leaders like Rajesh Batra, CIO and VO Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai, Anoop Amarnath, Head – Medical Strategy, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Pramod VarmaChief Architect, Aadhaar in addition to leaders from Philips like M R Srinivas Prasad, CEO Philips Innovation Campus.


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Is Indian Healthcare ready for Big Data and Analytics?


In the ancient times India had family healers that were called upon to combat disease and improve the standards of care. These medicine men of the old not only had knowledge of fields like Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani but also had knowledge of family history that used to help in their diagnosis. After the coming of the British though traditional medicine got supplanted by modern allopathic treatment the role of the family physician continued. So family history and your own medical history was known to these physicians. In a sense we had an efficient system for Big Data and Analytics though it was not system driven. But healthcare till then was the privilege of a few and not easily available to all.


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