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Digital Health is more than old wine in a new bottle says Rajesh Batra, CIO and VP Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Last year I had the opportunity of listening to a senior Healthcare technology executive on his vision for the growth of digital health in India. Since then I have made it a point to pick his brain on all things healthcare. I am delighted that he has agreed for a short interview with us and these are some excerpts from the discussion. Rajesh Batra is the CIO and VP for Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai for the last 5 years. He has worked with advanced technologies like IoT, Analytics, Big Data and Omni Channel.

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Philips Innovation center launches Healthsuite Digital Platform

It’s interesting to see the constant innovation in the field of healthcare. From apps for sorting out your health records to platforms for finding the right doctor, there’s not only ample scope but providers of unique solutions as well. Like the Philips Heathsuite Digital Platform- an open cloud-based platform which collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources. A quick chat with Vijayananda J, Senior Director, Analytics at Philips Healthcare gave a better insight into the platform and its benefits.

“The HealthSuite digital platform represents a new concept in connected care for both patients and providers. It is supported by,” says Vijay, “Health systems, care providers and individuals can access data on personal health, specific patient conditions and entire populations—so care can be more personalized and people more empowered in their own health, wellbeing and lifestyle.”

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Medical records on the cloud with Healthmemo


Almost all of us have that one cupboard at home dedicated to storing documents and files of importance- a major chunk of it, medical. Each paper contributes to the building of one’s medical history but physically managing them all is a painstaking task.

Almost every doctor’s visit today, calls for showing of past records. Every annual health check brings with it a fresh pile of reports. In case of a medical emergency, finding the right document can be a challenge with the papers themselves aging, yellowing or tearing. And of course, there’s also that exasperating possibility when you discover that the medical record you are looking for simply does not exist because you’ve lost it owing to a minor oversight.

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Can you spend less than Rupees 1 a day on your Diabetes Management?

Recently I did some assessment on where I was spending my monthly salary.

I was intrigued to find out that I spent Rs 18 a day on my DTH connection. And I hardly watch an hour or two of TV a month. I also spent Rs 20 a day on my office canteen for Tea and Coffee and Rs 40 a day for the rental parking space for my second car in the apartment block.

But the question is would I spend Rs 1 a day managing my health? To find the answers to such questions and to understand more about managing health through technology I spoke to Mr Badri Narayanan an Technologist, Entrepreneur and founder of NRich Software Private Limited.

Badri started working on creating a software for personal finance but soon realized that many of his relatives and friends were struggling with managing their Diabetes and out of this experience DiaSof was born. DiaSof is a cloud based application which is available for the user through a id and password. Through this application a user can manage things like last visit, what was the diabetes level, next visit date and contact details. Diasof can also be accessed through a mobile phone, it needs to have a GPRS enbaled and activated or if the phone is Wifi enbaled and you are in a wi-fi spot.

The biggest challenge with a chronic ailment like Diabetes is the lack of Longitudinal data. in simple terms as the disease is long term, patients and their doctors alike lose health records and often we dont realize how long has one been on the regiment who in the first place prescribed it. Now any technical solution to diabetes management has to create a provision to counter this problem.

DiaSof takes this issue in consideration and one of the advantages of this system is the creation of a longitudinal patient record which can help the physician trace the treat history for a particular patient.

I had the opportunity to use the portal and I must admire its simplicity and no frills design at the same time delivering a superior user experience. For those intending to check out the portal please click this link.

The screen shot of the application is below.


Badri explained that the user experience was on top of his mind when he designed this application. Also he knew that many of the diabetics in the country were not that technology savvy, so simplicity in design would help them in using this tool to manage their condition.

Previously on this blog we had covered the story of an Android application called Diabeto, which has some interesting features to manage diabetes and share data with the doctor through Android based mobile phones.

This application though on a computer would make a great addition to the diabetes management efforts in the country. As I was looking online for the benefits of using DiaSof I came across this excellent Slide Share presentation on the benefits of using the system and I would encourage all to have a look at it as well.

DiaSof is available to be purchased through, please click this link if you are interested in buying the application. Finally the price, which really amazed me, remember at the beginning of the article I had talked about how much we pay daily for all these non essential distractions, without realizing the futility of it all.

For DiaSof you need to pay 95 Paisa a day, which comes to around Rs 350 for a year subscription.

So lets amplify that message

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So what about those who dont know how to use the computer? and those who dont know English? What about those not in Chennai? How do they use technology to combat Diabetes? To know more about those issues keep watching this space…