Desi Brand Diabeto needs your support as it fights Diabetes

Almost 3 years ago I met two very bright, young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Bombay. They had started a venture called Farasbee which had produced a Diabetes management solution called Diabeto. Srikanth Pawar and Himanshu Jain swore to get into Diabetes management due to the lack of engagement system that affected their family members.  I covered them in this blog at that time. We had worked on a case study that was paunched at a premier B school in Bangalore and they had even presented to a healthcare team at IBM.

3 years since a lot has changed with Diabeto, and it has changed for the better.

“Crazy!” is what Shreekant Pawar says”  but it was amazing, after 6 prototypes, endless builds for iOS application, alpha testing with people living with Type 1 Diabetes and finally raising $17,142 on Indiegogo, life is stressed out but happily stressed out!  “
One of the interesting things about Diabeto was that they were initially funded by the Government of Chile, under the program “Startup Chile” Shreekant actually spent time in Chile.  He feels that it was a great experience and has really taken them where they are now. They understood the South American healthcare market and the mentors at Startup Chile were really helful in guiding the team into getting data seamlessly on their systems using hardware
Currently the Diabeto team is validating their market clearly, their first priority is getting their hardware shipped as soon as possible and focus on key markets like US, Europe and India. Also Diabeto has made a big foray into the services market. As diabetes doesn’t have a cure yet.the only option for people living with diabetes is access to constant medical aid and management of this treatment needs to be via the Endocrinologist and nutritionist ” Comments Shreekant “However, its important that these professionals get access to real time accurate patient data to intervene at the right time. Providing timely consultation based on the information received from the device makes complete sense. We will be charging the patients on a subscription basis for this service.” he adds
So how can we get involved and support this Desi brand as it tries to tackle the first modern epidemic of our times. As part of “Make in India” this would be a good venture to support as it scures the health of millions of Indians. Diabeto launched a pre order campaign on Indiegogo. Although now their pre-order campaign is over, Indiegogo has included them in their new program called “InDemand” wherein, they still can take pre-orders! If you want to support the Diabeto campaign, you can still pre-order Diabeto here –
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Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran

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