In order to keep the research and advisory unbiased in nature, it is essential that necessary resources are made available by prudent donators. If research and advisory is supported via a fee from the ones who are getting their produces and services researched, then it becomes difficult to keep it neutral in nature, as the research then becomes only limited to the ones tho paid the fees. While an unbiased research need to address all possible facets of the goal in hand and not get limited.

Also a corrupt fee payer may obviously start dominating his opinions. Whereas, when an organization is gathering its necessary resources by donations, instead of a fee, the chances of it getting corrupt becomes lesser as it then need not depend on fee payers. Again, it is quiet possible that a corrupt company tries to strike a deal by putting conditions on the name of offering donations. But then if necessary donations come from other prudent donators, the research and advisory need not depend on such corrupt people.

A good research is essential to uphold goodness in the society. An unbiased research can expose anomalies in the medical practices. It can make people aware of what is going wrong. Knowing wrong is essential in order to correct the same. While if corrections are regularly made, we will have a better society to live into. A good research can bring out good people in the society who are doing good work, but don’t have the resources to advertise their presence. There are many such good things that can happen if the resources are carefully flown via the right places. Therefore we request you to offer us necessary donations. Your contribution can keep things neutral.

We at present work at other places and fund the activities here and do our best to keep it neutral. If you help us, we can make the activities here grow into a larger scale. We plan to keep the activities here advertisement free as well.

Currently we are working towards getting registered as an NGO. Therefore at present you will not get a tax benefit towards the donations you offer to us. To offer a donation kindly contact us by visiting the Contact page.