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Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialty Center, a pioneer in technology led Diabetes research

Diabetes is a major concern for India. Not only does it affect the individuals directly, but also accelerates the degeneration of nerves, blood vessels and tissues.

Is it estimated that India has around 40 million diabetics as on today. And this condition is not new to India. Charaka has written about diabetes in his hallmark work Charaka Samhita. The management of diabetes is the key as there is no cure. One must constantly monitor blood sugar levels, diet and exercise. In other words, it is a constant process and needs expertise, advice, motivation and counselling. India has many diabetes management centers. But the Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Center was one of the first and still in a pioneer in Diabetes research. Founded in 1991,  the research based center is the brain child of Dr V Mohan, endocrinologist and pioneer in the field of diabetes research.