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In defense of newly graduated MBBS doctors


Friends, Indians, Countrymen

I am here to bury the new MBBS doctors and not to praise them.

But before I do that, please do hear me out…

The Indian government wants to make it compulsory for the freshly graduated MBBS doctors to serve 6 months in a rural posting, in order to be eligible to sit for Post- Graduate exams. Noble thought indeed, but is it well thought through.

Well first and foremost, it will create a huge market for fake certification of rural posting, which some very innovative (Jugadu) graduates will resort to, in lieu of actually serving in that area. Such schemes always breed corruption as we have seen in the past.

Second, why do people think that doctors have to forego all in service of humanity? Why not ask the other graduates like Engineers to serve in rural areas as well? Maybe in order to be eligible to write CAT, GMAT or GRE ?

Don’t tell me that rural India does not need any engineers and architects to build its roads, schools, colleges, hospitals and dams. please don’t tell me they don’t need electrical engineers to lay power lines to light up the villages and mechanical engineers to set up industry.

Just asking the MBBS doctors to do this is being partial to a profession that has lost the brightest to the IT industry and the lure of western civilization.

Thirdly 80 % of the healthcare infrastructure is in the cities. What are these fresh graduates going to do when they don’t have the basic diagnostic equipment?

And finally with all senior doctors serving as specialists in the cities, these young doctors will do more damage than good, without proper guidance…

As usual I would like to hear from you and all comments are welcome..