Plastics could be the cause of Vitamin D deficiency

If you have pain in the joints, and you have a desk job then chances are that you

If you have pain in the joints, and you have a desk job then chances are that you have Vitamin D deficiency. And the surprising fact are that you are not alone in this. According to a study done by Metropolis Healthcare in 2015, 7 put of 10 people in urban India are Vitamin D deficient.

Some of the main symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are

1) Bone Pain
2) Muscle Weakness

Other symptoms could be

1) Headaches
2) Increased Sweating
3) Depression

I found out the hard way that I was deficient in Vitamin D. Because these deficiencies take so much time to develop that people end up ignoring the symptoms. In my case I was training with a professional coach and the exercise was leaving me more tired than ever. After a while the pain in the joints was so high that I had to seek medical intervention. As part of the diagnosis, I discovered while checking Vitamin D 3 and Vitamin D 4 levels were low. So since then I have been on Vitamin D supplements.

Now a new report in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, certain chemicals found in everyday use products could also be interfering with the Vitamin D absorption in the body. Most of us are exposed to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and BPA in the form of packaging material, plastics, Cosmetics, Children’s toys and medical tubing.

Exposure to these chemicals can also cause Cancer, Obesity, Hormonal problems, diabetes and neurological problems. The correlation between BPA exposure and Vitamin D levels in the blood stream for almost 1500 subjects in the test was positive. The correlation was stronger for women then for men.

So if you have bone pain and muscle weakness I would recommend visiting your physician and inquiring about a Vitamin D 3 and D 4 levels.

Do reach out to me if you need more information on this.

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