Healthcare Delivery

Why Hypertension the silent killer and how you can manage your blood pressure

Prakash (Name Changed) was driving to work on a Wednesday morning. A senior executive in an Ad agency Prakash was not new to stress and deadlines.  He was stuck in a jam in the peak hour but his mind was somewhere else.  The week had been a rough one with 3 client deliverables due and he was already struggling to meet them. As he was sitting there planning his day, he felt his head spin and he could not see very clearly. He blinked his eyes and rubbed his eye lids hoping it was just dryness in his contact lenses due to the car AC. Soon he was having difficulty in breathing. Nauseous, he rolled down his windows and tried to loosen his shirt. Soon he was sweating profusely and there was shooting pain through his temples. Prakash knew he was in trouble but had the common sense to call out to the car next to him for help. A passerby notified the traffic police and a good Samaritan rung up the ambulance service. Prakash had little recollection of what happened next but soon he was saved in time due to the timeliness of the call and the emergency services who rushed him to hospital in time.

Public Health

3 tips to improve your health while at work

If you are reading this post, then most probably you are on your way to, in or coming back from office. The last 10 years have seen a significant change in the work culture in India – people’s expectations from life have risen. The middle classes no longer wants self-sufficiency, but have ambitions of ‘making it big that they are working towards achieving. Most of us do not want to waste time and end up taking calls and doing work, even as we commute to office everyday.