India needs a new healthcare model. Now this model has to be based on preventive care and on detecting and treating conditions way before they occur. The challenge in India is 2 fold, on one side we don’t have the infrastructure and the medical capability to treat chronic secondary and tertiary diseases while on the […]

India has a unique opportunity to create a healthcare model that serves the 1.3 citizens. This has to be an integration of primary, secondary, tertiary care with preventive health initiatives. Also this has to involve leveraging technology, in the form of digital transformation as well as gadgets like the smart phone that are prevalent across […]

  The internet has revolutionized consumer choices like never before. Traditional retail stores have discovered the potential of online shopping. Taxis are booked through apps and food is ordered over a click of a button. One can compare products, prices and the best stores in a blink. And in Bengaluru, services such as Medyog are […]