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The challenge of Diabetes in India and how to manage the condition: A detailed analysis

India has been rightly called as the “Diabetes Capital of [...]

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Did you know more adolescents In India die of Non-Communicable Diseases, Injuries, and Self-Harm than Infections

A study has revealed that more adolescents in India are [...]

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The new age hospitals key to improved healthcare in India says Dr Harish Pillai, CEO Aster Medcity

The healthcare thought leaders in India would converge at the [...]

Portronics Yogg fitness band – An entry level no-frills healthcare fitness tracker that is best suited for beginners

About 10 days ago I was given a sleek case [...]

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Nutrition First: How an App Seeks to Make People Aware of Their Food Habits

How often do you check the cover of packaged food [...]

Technology to change the model of care delivery in India? Some answers from the Cisco study

  The global technology firm CISCO had published the results [...]

Why we need to focus on serious problems like Tuberculosis before tackling more complex problems in India? A few thoughts on World TB day 24th March

  (Image source: In India it is cool to start [...]

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Indian Startups: Shifting the paradigm in medical technology Part 2

  In continuation to the previous post that talked about [...]

How Indian start-ups are making the mark in the global healthcare technology space?

(Source: Venture Intelligence) At the ICU of one of the [...]